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Our award-winning travel and tourism marketers solve business challenges for industry professionals.

We are media and tourism marketing experts who partner with destination marketing organisations and tourism businesses to promote sustainable, regenerative and environmentally responsible tourism across Australia and beyond. Our core tourism sector client base is Australian owned and operated, offering travel and tourism experiences both locally and abroad.

Collectively, we have 100+ years of expertise in tourism, sustainability, digital marketing, content creation, advertising and communications which we use to benefit our partners and achieve our business goals.

We can help you to:

Connect with
your ideal traveller

Every second, travellers across the globe are searching for the services you offer. We can help them find you. Our team is highly skilled at identifying and attracting the exact traveller demographic you want to speak to.
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Implement strategies to increase enquiries and bookings

Are you ready for increased enquiries and measurable business growth? Showcase the destinations and industry services you offer by using data-driven online marketing.
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Promote the benefits of responsible travel

Help travellers to explore responsibly by promoting the benefits of ethical travel. Compelling marketing will promote the sustainable practices your business offers that visitors are looking for.
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Create or reposition your branding

When your tourism marketing stops being effective or doesn’t align with your business vision, it could be time to rebrand. This will help you reach new travellers, maintain your market relevance and grow.
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Our core services

We partner with you to design custom solutions including:

Travel content strategy and copywriting for tourism brands

Crafting strategic content for the travel sector is vital to guide and inspire potential visitors. By offering reliable information that also helps take the stress out of travel planning, tourism businesses increase the likelihood of becoming a trusted travel partner. Strategic content marketing informs and connects with audiences on a more personal level, helping them discover ethical experiences, accommodation, activities and destinations.

Social media marketing strategy for tourism

Persuasive travel content requires a well-planned social media marketing strategy that goes beyond brand awareness. Whether your business focuses on entertainment and relationship building or provides one-of-a-kind experiences to travellers, your message needs to stand out in the crowded digital landscape. Mankind Digital creates tailored strategies to drive traffic using diverse campaigns and content formats, including video marketing and targeted paid ads, to ensure maximum visibility, engagement and bookings.

SEO for tourism, tour operators and destinations

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) often draws over 70% of visitors to a website. Most enquiries stem from users searching for specific keywords on search engines. Having your business appear online in a search engine result is often the first impression a customer gets of what you are offering, making it crucial to have a solid marketing plan in place. Effective use of SEO can enhance your brand visibility and credibility online, boosting your travel business on Google and other search engines, which can lead to more enquiries and bookings.

Tourism marketing training, workshops and courses

Mankind Digital equips tourism professionals with the know-how to ethically and confidently communicate their sustainable, responsible and regenerative practices. Our training programs, workshops and courses are tailored to your requirements and can be delivered online or face-to-face. We teach you how to ethically promote your initiatives for travellers, employees, internal stakeholders and the community without greenwashing.

Our training courses also cover the concepts, models and guiding principles of sustainable and regenerative tourism with practical steps for understanding, planning and implementing initiatives worldwide. 

Website experiences that inspire action

Travel and tourism websites serve as essential platforms for attracting potential visitors and securing bookings. In our fast-paced digital world, potential visitors are seeking websites that they find easy to navigate, that also have a responsive design and a clear copywriting style that answers their questions. While numerous factors shape purchase decisions, potential customers are influenced by these elements when interacting with brands online.

Brands who trust us:

About us

Mankind Digital advocates for sustainable, responsible and regenerative tourism practices that benefit destinations, communities and travellers alike.

We are also dedicated to the ethical promotion of responsible tourism and travel. Our work in sustainable tourism marketing, content creation, digital marketing strategy and training has earned us international acclaim. But it’s our commitment to sustainability and regeneration that sets us apart from a more traditional travel and tourism marketing agency.

The campaigns we create encourage travellers to make informed choices and empower them to become agents of change when they travel. Through consumer education, we  increase demand for sustainable tourism experiences, services and products, thus shaping a future where nature, communities and economies thrive.

What we do

Promoting sustainable travel and regenerative tourism is at the heart of what we do. Our marketing strategies and training programs are designed to meet the marketing outcomes and objectives our clients expect, along with leading to business growth and encouraging visitors to choose responsible experiences and providers.

We offer sustainable tourism marketing, digital and content strategy, and training program development and facilitation. We support destination marketing organisations, tour operators, tourism activity companies, accommodation venues, travel agencies and regional marketing offices with their marketing efforts.

Our core services include copywriting for tourism and travel, content marketing, digital marketing strategy, SEO for tourism companies, social media marketing, custom workshop development and delivery, masterclasses and much more.

Communicate your sustainable tourism business in 3 steps

Step 1: Build an informative and easy-to-use website
A large percentage of people abandon websites that are slow and difficult to navigate. That’s why your website needs to run smoothly, with a quick load time, simple navigation and optimisation for mobile and desktop. 

Easy access to information is critical, as even the most environmentally literate travellers might hesitate to choose your business if they can’t immediately find what they need, or understand the impact of your efforts.

Carefully consider where to incorporate your sustainable tourism initiatives and their tangible benefits into the navigation and content on your website. This helps visitors to clearly understand the advantages your efforts have within the local community, and for the economy and environment.

Step 2: Craft compelling messages for travellers who care about sustainability
When crafting content for your website, social media and PR materials, focus on messages that communicate the values that underpin your commitment to sustainable tourism. Showcase how your business offers experiences that can only be found in your destination, the people behind your brand and the impacts your efforts are having on environmental conservation. Highlight the positive impact your business is having—this will appeal to travellers and employees who are seeking organisations that offer responsible, enriching and authentic experiences.

Step 3: Boost visibility through SEO and targeted marketing channels
Understand where your audience spends their time online, then tailor your marketing approach accordingly. Use SEO tactics to increase your visibility on search engines where your customers are actively seeking sustainable travel options. Explore social media strategies, content marketing and partnerships with values-aligned brands and organisations to expand your reach. These platforms help to connect your business with a growing audience looking for travel experiences that are environmentally and socially responsible.

How we have helped clients in the past

Mankind Digital partners with destination marketing organisations, tourism experience providers and travel companies in Australia, Southeast Asia, Europe and beyond. Our client partners include The Tourism CoLab, Yarra Ranges Tourism, Rooted Storytelling, Great Ocean Road Regional Tourism, Kangaroo Island Tourism Alliance, Wild Adventures Melbourne, Cuban Adventures, Rail Escape, Retreat Here and many others. 

Our team has also worked with Tourism Australia (AU), Tourism WA (AU), City of Perth (AU), Amsterdam Tourism & Convention Bureau (NL), Transport for London (UK), Covent Garden (UK), GlobeRovers Magazine (HK) and Heineken Experience (NL), amongst many other tier one international brands.

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What you can expect as our client

The Mankind Digital team are seasoned travellers who are also marketing, advertising, communications and training specialists.

As trusted marketing experts with a collective total of over 100 years of experience, you can be confident that we will deliver results.

What our clients say about working with us

When we ask our client partners why they choose us, many of them respond with a clear distinction of how we differ from general digital marketers. More specifically:

Travel & Tourism Marketing News

Unveil key elements for crafting compelling narratives and discover the essence of writing a captivating travel blog. Words inspire readers to journey beyond their screen and into the world.
Learn more about greenwashing in tourism. Discover what it is, see examples of the telltale signs of greenwashing & find out how you can avoid it.
Skål International has awarded Mankind Digital as the Educational Programmes and Media category winner at the 2023 Skål International Sustainable Tourism Awards for the second consecutive year.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Imagine that your website and online marketing campaigns are the only salespeople promoting your business. They work 24 hours a day, seven days a week without rest. But as the internet is fast-paced and ever-changing, your website and campaigns constantly need to adapt in order to be in tip-top shape. Just like athletes who need coaching, they need expert and continual guidance for optimal performance. As online marketing specialists, we partner with you and provide support at every stage of your campaigns from planning and implementation to results analysis and maintenance.
  2. Save money and time. Instead of investing a full-time salary for a dedicated staff member in house, or juggling marketing while running your business, partnering with a travel and tourism marketing organisation like ours offers great value for money. Our team of specialists with different skill sets, including expert copywriting and content creators, will focus on your marketing strategy and deliver results. We tailor our services to meet your online marketing goals, making your success our success.
  3. When you partner with a team of tourism marketers, you engage a group of hard-working marketing experts with many years of experience in their speciality areas, as well as exposure to diverse brands and projects. At Mankind Digital, we’ve seen what does and doesn’t work, which removes the guesswork for you. Based on the team’s extensive knowledge and expertise, our tourism marketing services and training programs are in depth and insightful for you and your entire organisation.

A travel and tourism digital marketing agency or organisation specialises in the specific strategies, models and techniques needed to identify, reach and connect with consumers of travel-related products, services and experiences, while persuading them to take action.

Marketing in the tourism sector specifically differs from that of other industries because of the complex buying cycle a customer goes through when choosing a destination or product. In the tourism sector, most of the stages in the customer journey are captured in the online environment, making digital marketing channels the most efficient and cost-effective approach to reach visitors. 

The five stages of the tourism customer journey are dreaming, planning, booking, experiencing and sharing. For businesses in the tourism sector, it’s important to understand what your customers need and want at each stage. Content marketing strategies and targeted advertising that reaches and resonates with potential customers in each of the five stages will have the greatest positive impact on your business, profit and return on investment.

Tourism marketing raises awareness, encourages consideration and increases demand for a particular destination, attraction, tourism activity or experience. Travel and tourism marketing strategies and tactics are used in both the private and public sectors to communicate and promote destinations, experiences and service providers.

Often, the primary goals of traditional tourism marketing are to increase visitation and profit. At Mankind Digital, we partner with tourism organisations that are motivated by regeneration and sustainability, community benefit, social and environmental impact.

Learn more about our purpose and the Mankind Digital story.

Understanding who your customers are, along with what they need, want and expect at each stage of the customer journey is essential to a successful marketing strategy.

Effective tourism marketing can result in increased visitor numbers and awareness of a specific region. It can also help to raise a destination’s profile and improve public perception. 

For tourism businesses and travel experience providers, successful marketing strategies can increase profits and brand awareness, while improving online visibility. Satisfied customers will often promote an organisation on social media and in online forums, and write positive online reviews that encourage other travellers to experience similar services.

Mankind Digital are experts in:

  1. Connecting tourism providers with targeted visitors
  2. Increasing bookings and enquiries
  3. Communicating the benefits of responsible tourism
  4. Creating and repositioning tourism brands
  5. Developing and facilitating training programs, workshops and courses for marketing and communicating sustainable and regenerative tourism 


Learn more about the tourism marketing services we use to help you achieve your business goals.

There are typically five core activities required to develop a successful tourism marketing strategy. These include:

  1. Define the target audience and their needs, wants and desires at each stage of the buying cycle 
  2. Decide which approach to tourism marketing makes the most sense for your audience ie location-based marketing, activity marketing or corporate marketing
  3. Consider which markets to target and which locations your campaigns should be targeting
  4. Focus on selling the benefits and stories of the destination, activities or experiences 
  5. Promote the destination, activity or experience by selecting the marketing and communication strategies and tactics best suited to your audiences, approach and destination.

At Mankind Digital, our core services include tailored tourism marketing training, workshops and courses, tourism marketing strategy, content marketing for tourism, social media marketing, SEO, paid digital advertising, and website design and development. We also develop digital marketing strategies for destination marketing organisations, travel agencies, tour operators, tourism activity providers and accommodation.

Sustainability in travel involves supporting local communities and businesses, addressing economic leakage, conservation of biodiversity, honouring traditions and cultures, amongst many other aspects that contribute to lasting benefits for a destination. Marketing for this type of responsible tourism is different from traditional tourism because it prioritises longer term benefits and well-being over short-term rewards. Sustainable tourism marketing concentrates on the following areas:
  1. Educating travellers: Effective sustainable tourism strategies often incorporate marketing messaging and content to explain the impacts of environmental conservation, cultural sensitivity and sustainable practices so visitors understand why their choices matter. By empowering visitors with valuable information, your communications and marketing strategies can inspire them to make more responsible travel decisions.
  2. Celebrating culture: Attention is drawn to the importance of respecting and celebrating local cultures and traditions through tailored strategies that promote indigenous tourism— marketing and communications that elevate local voices, profile the stories of people living in a destination and share the significance of cultural heritage help visitors to understand the true essence of the lands and its people. This results in sharing meaningful knowledge and perspectives whilst building respect and cross-cultural understanding.
  3. Supporting the local economy: Instead of showcasing international brands and chains, emphasis is placed on how visitors can ensure that tourism dollars they spend actually remain in, and benefit the destination rather than leaking out to overseas-owned companies and shareholders. Artisan and fair trade products and practices are championed while backing local businesses and encouraging travellers to participate in activities that grow the community’s economy.
  4. Caring for our planet: Communicating initiatives that preserve and regenerate biodiversity and reduce our environmental impact through successful sustainable and eco tourism marketing strategies play an essential role in educating consumers. For example, promoting hotels with energy-saving features and lodges with green waste management, backed up with statistics and the tangible benefits of introducing these in the first place. The focus is also on promoting ethical nature-based activities such as wildlife safaris that support conservation programs and destinations committed to regenerating fragile ecosystems and biodiversity.
  5. Focusing on the future: By spotlighting and motivating more responsible practices, this type of marketing shines a light on the need for the visitor economy and tourism sector as a whole to consider and work towards longer-term sustainability measures. Destinations striving towards the sustainable development goals (SGDs) and those advocating for policies that safeguard natural and cultural heritage sites often include the promotion of these commitments in their sustainable tourism marketing plans.

Imagine a world where every journey positively impacted the planet and its people. That’s the vision driving many organisations who are committed to sustainable and responsible tourism. 

Market value of $3.3 trillion and expected to grow further
A recent report by Allied Market Research shows that the sustainable tourism market in 2022 was valued at $3.3 trillion. The forecast is even more inspiring–by 2032, demand for sustainable tourism products, services and experiences is expected to soar to $11.4 trillion.

Visitors are more conscious of their impact
Travellers worldwide are awakening to the effects of their travel choices. They realise the importance of preserving our environment, supporting local communities and protecting our heritage and traditions. With each trip, travellers are increasingly selecting options with culturally rich experiences that benefit the local economy whilst reducing their ecological footprint.

Destinations that prioritise sustainability attract travellers
Travellers are increasingly drawn to destinations that prioritise sustainability. They crave memorable encounters that enrich their understanding of the world, whilst respecting environmental and cultural sensitivities. Ethical encounters where they can participate in educational initiatives and conservation efforts, or partnering with local vendors and communities for immersive travel experiences are now integral.

Employees and local businesses are looking for values aligned companies
More organisations and potential employees are seeking out travel brands who are stepping up their sustainability practices and commitments. Tourism businesses can attract new employees and welcome more partnerships with local businesses who share the same sustainability values. 

Travel and tourism marketing often relies heavily on digital marketing channels, allowing organisations to reach travellers anywhere at any time within the consumer journey or buying cycle. The primary online channels are SEO (search engine results), social media and email marketing. Other necessary digital channels include websites (including blog articles, forums and review sites), paid advertising (social media and Google Ads) and affiliate marketing, among others.

Offline channels include outdoor advertising, print, wholesalers, partnerships, sponsorships and events, to name a few. 

Every business is different in terms of the recommended channel mix. Each stage a traveller has reached in the consumer journey—whether it be dreaming, planning, booking, experiencing or sharing—requires a different marketing strategy and combination of tactics.

Customer research and targeted 1:1 interviews with your existing customers can identify opportunities and new marketing strategies to reach more of your ideal customers in the future. 

The three main strategies used to promote destinations and improve visitor engagement include:

Location-based tourism marketing
This is where a destination is promoted by endorsing the benefits and characteristics of the location rather than promoting a specific business or service provider. Location-based marketing campaigns are often led by compelling imagery and video content that help prospective visitors imagine themselves in the destination. Many location-based campaigns are supported by search engine marketing strategies that focus on specific keywords, maps, reviews and tools with information about the destination.

Activity-based tourism marketing
This focuses on promoting the attractions, sights and activities of the destination. For example, travellers who search for ‘things to do in Melbourne’ are often creating an itinerary of activities to enjoy in the planning stages of their trip. They may also be comparing the activities available in other cities to help them decide where they should go. The attractions and activities they find online may help them choose which city they travel to.

Corporate tourism marketing
Corporate marketing strategies generally target attendees at conferences, trade shows and events. They promote the business and leisure aspects of the destination, enticing business travellers to make the most of an opportunity to travel for business purposes by enjoying the attractions of the destination or spending more time there. In Australia, for example, a high proportion of corporate marketing strategies focus on regional and interstate travellers, rather than international visitors.

High-quality images and video content are two of the most powerful tools in tourism marketing. Multimedia engages visitors in the dreaming and planning phases of the buying cycle and helps them imagine themselves in the destination. To elicit a positive emotional reaction and an instant connection with a location, guests often need to visualise themselves enjoying the attractions and the natural beauty of the region. 

A good tourism marketing campaign is led by strong imagery supported by a thought-provoking content strategy. This raises awareness of the destination and inspires travellers to consider travelling there in the future to enjoy the attractions and experiences they may have seen in the images.

Talk to us about your upcoming campaign and how we can help you meet your objectives.

Maximise the impact of your efforts with sustainable tourism marketing

A tailored strategy is the key ingredient for success in tourism marketing. Our team partners with your organisation to provide customised workshops, digital strategy and content marketing services that share your sustainability stories and effectively communicate your initiatives. We can help you reach the right type of travellers who share your values and commitment to sustainable, regenerative and responsible tourism. Speak to our team of tourism marketing experts today

Connect with your ideal traveller

Every second, travellers across the globe are searching for the services you offer. We can help them find you. Our team is skilled at identifying and attracting the exact type of traveller you want to speak to.

We are experts in educating consumers about the benefits of sustainable and responsible tourism, which include the many environmental, cultural, societal and economic advantages gained when they make educated and thoughtful decisions during the planning, booking, experiencing and sharing stages of their travel experiences.

Our clients partner with us for travel and tourism marketing services including:

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Growth strategies to increase enquiries and bookings

Are you ready for measurable business growth and increased enquiries? Showcase the destinations and industry services you offer by using data-driven internet marketing.

We inspire sustainable alternatives via content marketing strategies, SEO, social media marketing, email marketing and paid media solutions. Greater search engine visibility helps our clients reach new customers and increase revenue. We have built new brands online from scratch and grown social media followers by over 1,000% in six months.

Revenue-generating services that may suit your business:

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Promote the benefits of responsible travel

Your business could be the reason why more travellers explore responsibly. All you need is compelling marketing to promote sustainable practices that travellers will find rewarding.

We educate people about the advantages of travellers making responsible decisions when planning, booking, experiencing and sharing travel information. Creating demand for sustainable and regenerative tourism underpins everything we do. We actively promote operators supplying that demand and partner with brands that align with our values.

Your business may benefit from:

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Create and reposition branding

When your tourism marketing stops being effective or doesn’t align with your business vision, it’s time to rebrand. This will help you reach new travellers, stay up-to-date and achieve business growth.

To rebrand and market your business, we conduct market research to understand the problems we can help your customers solve, and develop a rebranding strategy that aligns with your business model. Our expertise in general digital marketing strategy and content marketing will help your business reposition and start delivering results.

Your business may benefit from:

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