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Our clients are our long-term partners. Here are some highlights of our work, past and present.

How we have helped clients in the past

Our team have helped thousands of clients over the course of their careers. Browse through our most recent work below.

Kangaroo Island Tourism Alliance

The Kangaroo Island Tourism Alliance (KITA) is a non-profit membership-based organisation created to promote and market South Australia’s Kangaroo Island as a complete nature-based destination for travellers year-round. KITA manages the Tour Kangaroo Island website, a key source of useful information to help visitors plan their stay. 

As the island’s peak tourism body, KITA supports its members by encouraging holidaymakers to travel beyond the most well known places of interest, such as Remarkable Rocks and Admirals Arch, to see more of the island and discover its lesser known attractions.

KITA and its members are working together to further develop the island’s tourism, food and beverage industries. They also work closely with the government, South Australian Tourism Commission and other industries in the travel and tourism sector to secure funding and promote Kangaroo Island’s unique attractions to the world.

Our brief and the long-term strategy

KITA’s new website promotes Kangaroo Island as eight distinctive and unique regions, and encourages visitors to explore each of them. Visiting all of the regions means slowing down and spending more time on the island, which also means spending more money on accommodation, food, tours and attractions. 

KITA approached us to revise outdated website content, develop new content and improve the website’s visibility on search engines to ensure visitors can easily source the information they need to plan their Kangaroo Island holiday—with a focus on promoting all the regions. To do this, we reviewed site structure and content, developed new pages and rewrote existing pages to maximise SEO potential.

What problems did we solve?

Our extensive SEO keyword research to maximise search engine performance was used to both develop new, and rewrite existing metadata, heading tags and web page copy.

We developed a variety of content, including inspirational pages, features about specific attractions, information-giving pieces and itineraries—all with internal links to related pages to highlight all eight regions.

As well as giving copywriters clear instructions about SEO keywords, links, web page structure and length in the jointly-developed copy briefs, KITA advised that the tone should be fun, friendly, professional and authentic. That way, it would appeal to the broadest possible range of potential site visitors—including families, millenials and seniors. 

After thoroughly fact-checking and copy-editing the content internally, it was returned to KITA for approval. We resolved any queries raised by KITA, and made any necessary adjustments to the copy based on their suggestions before publication.

Key Strategies

Developing New SEO Web Copy

Restructuring Content to Promote all Eight Regions

Revising Existing Content for SEO

Adding Internal Links to Related Web Pages

Kangaroo Island Tourism Alliance logo blumine

"Mankind Digital have provided us with exceptionally professional service, detailed and efficient service. Their content writers are skilled and responsive. I would recommend them for anyone looking for copywriting services."

Megan H.


Great Ocean Road Regional Tourism

The Visit Great Ocean Road website is managed by Great Ocean Road Regional Tourism Ltd (GORRT), also responsible for all aspects of tourism relating to one of Australia’s most recognisable destinations. This diverse part of Victoria covers a vast area stretching 350 kilometres west along the coast and inland from Torquay to the South Australian border.

The region has a huge variety of attractions ranging from beaches, coastal areas, mountain ranges, forests, small towns, wildlife, local produce, and much more. 

Many tourists come to see iconic regional landmarks—most well known are the 12 Apostles and the Surf Coast—often on day or weekend trips from Melbourne. By showing people other attractions further west and inland, GORRT encourages visitors to take some extra time to experience more of what the Great Ocean Road region has to offer.

Our brief and the long-term strategy

The Visit Great Ocean Road main visitor website, rebranded as ‘Greatopia’ during their off-peak campaign, is a key part of GORRT’s long term strategy to attract more visitors and inspire them to stay longer by travelling to other parts of the region—all while spending more on food, accommodation, attractions and tours throughout the area. 

To complement the aim of getting visitors to stay longer, travel further and spend more, GORRT approached us to help with SEO copywriting, and to update existing itineraries, blogs and inspirational content. We developed new pages and consolidated existing information into new, single-topic pages, while improving all content by rewriting, restructuring and adding links to complementary pages.

What problems did we solve?

By identifying common themes and keywords used by potential visitors who are searching for similar content online, we worked with GORRT to optimise the Visit Great Ocean Road website content for SEO. We intelligently matched consumer search intent with information visitors needed to plan their trip, directing them from search engines to the most relevant page of online content. 

We jointly developed webpage content briefs with GORRT, to give copywriters clear instructions including SEO keywords, structuring content, adding internal and external links, sourcing information and length.

We reworked the content on inspirational pages, features about specific attractions and itineraries to encourage visitors to spend more time in the region.

We thoroughly fact-checked and copy edited all content before returning it to GORRT for approval, adjustments and publishing on the website.

Views along the Great Ocean Road, Victoria. Image source: Visit Great Ocean Road

Key Strategies

Creating new content

Consolidating existing information into new single-topic pages

Revising and rewriting existing content

Optimising content for SEO

Visit Great Ocean Road logo

“We at 'Visit Great Ocean Road' (Great Ocean Road Regional Tourism) engaged Mankind Digital initially for some copywriting, but have since discovered how thorough they are with briefs while always considering and implementing SEO best practice in what they produce. They are really easy to work with, a good mix of friendly and professional—just great people who know their stuff!”

Julia D.


Retreat Here

Retreat Here is a retreat and events company well known in the yoga community for hosting weekend retreats across Australia. Retreats and events in Europe are available for groups upon request.

Retreat Here’s founders are passionate about providing their customers with immersive experiences that are uniquely balanced to nourish mind, body and soul.

All retreats and customised group events are designed for women in need of rest and rejuvenation. This is always combined with local produce, nourishing activities and social connection. All retreats and experiences are created with the local community in mind. Local wineries, accommodation venues, chefs and activity providers are carefully selected to design unforgettable guest experiences that also benefit the local community.

Yoga amongst the vines, Bendigo.
Yoga and wine retreats with Retreat Here, Victoria.

What problems did we solve?

When we started working with Retreat Here, they needed help with their content marketing strategy. They needed a simple way to manage their social media campaigns and the content on their website.

Before providing a recommendation, our focus was on Retreat Here’s overarching digital marketing strategy. After a series of workshops and strategic discovery sessions conducted in person, we created a strategic framework with clear stages and marketing deliverables to help Retreat Here reach its longer-term business goals.

How is business going?

All retreats and group activities offered by Retreat Here are fully booked and in many cases, there is a waiting list.

The ongoing work we are doing helps the owners with their marketing direction, keeping their content marketing strategy focused on delivering value for their customers. The content pillars designed for social media provide Retreat Here with a simple and effective framework to produce engaging social media posts that resonate with their target audience.

We look forward to our continued partnership and Retreat Here’s upcoming events in Victoria.

Retreat Here website

The results after 9 months

All Retreats
Fully Booked

Website Traffic

Improved Online

More Consistent

“Mankind Digital has been an enormous help with implementing our content strategy. Working with Keeley, Josh and the rest of the team has been a breeze, with clear and quick communication and thorough briefs of what we had to improve on our website and social media profiles. We now have lots more traffic and conversions on our website which we couldn't have done without Mankind! Thank you!”

Sabijn L.


Sabijn Linssen Yoga

We have been working with Sabijn Linssen Yoga (SLY) since 2020.

Designed by women, for women, SLY offers corporate, private and group yoga classes both online (virtual yoga) and in person. Virtual classes are available internationally and in-person classes are available in Melbourne, Australia.

Founded by Sabijn Linssen, SLY specialises in yoga for improved mobility, advanced breathing and stress reduction. Sabijn believes that yoga is for everybody and it has the power to improve your overall quality of life. We couldn’t agree more!

Yoga classes with Sabijn Linssen Yoga, Melbourne.
Sabijn Linssen, Founder of Sabijn Linssen Yoga.

What did we do?

Following in-depth discovery workshops and digital strategy sessions, Mankind Digital conducted a series of customer interviews and monitored user behaviour on the Sabijn Linssen Yoga website. This helped Sabijn better understand the barriers her customers were facing on her website and the changes that were needed to improve the navigation. It also identified the additional information that customers needed before they could decide on booking with her.

From here, we conducted an SEO technical audit to determine the technical challenges with the website, along with SEO keyword research. This helped Sabijn to better understand the terms that potential new customers would use to look for her services online. We prepared SEO content briefs to write new website copy that would attract more of the right customers for her business.  

Where are we now?

Throughout our partnership, we have been very focused on helping Sabijn understand her target audiences’ needs, wants and expectations. This directly correlates to the experience her customers expect to have when they engage with her business online.

The feedback we received in our customer interviews gave Sabijn valuable insight that was used to update her website. The information requested by her customers was added and the navigation of the website was updated. Since these changes have been made to the website, Sabijn has reported an increased number of enquiries from customers seeking corporate and private yoga sessions. Her existing customers have commented that the website is now easier to use and they can book online classes faster.

The results in just 8 months


Enhanced User


Larger Group

“Keeley and her team have conducted various customer research interviews for SLY, which has given me a clear understanding of the changes that had to be made to make my website more user friendly and to improve the navigation in order to convert more leads. They also helped me with a very thorough SEO strategy, which has made a huge difference for my website. I am SO pleased with the result and I would recommend Mankind Digital in a heartbeat.”

Sabijn L.


Spacemaker Home Extensions

With a strong focus on creating homes with sustainability and energy efficiency in mind, Spacemaker Home Extensions are one of Victoria’s premium custom home builders. They have been renovating and extending homes in Melbourne’s most elite suburbs since 1969.

Whilst building is not our core area of focus at Mankind Digital, our Founder has been working with Spacemaker Home Extensions since 2017. We are proud to partner with brands that are passionate about sustainability and the environment, especially those that bring these principles into everyday living and our homes.

Melbourne home renovation project
Two storey home extension and renovation, Melbourne

What work have we been doing?

Our strategy has always been to position Spacemaker Home Extensions as a premium brand online. This aligns with the quality of the homes they design and build for their clients. In 2021 to date, we have been working with Spacemaker to improve their digital footprint and brand presence. This includes digital marketing strategy, social media marketing, graphic design, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), reporting, website audits and website user experience analysis.
We are also responsible for managing their Instagram and Facebook pages. We create content for social media, the Spacemaker website (including SEO copywriting) and content outreach. Collaborations with suppliers and partners also fall under our remit.

Where are we now?

Spacemaker are currently unable to keep up with the number of enquiries they receive. They are in the luxury position to choose the clients they would like to work with.

Since our social media and SEO campaigns commenced in 2021, Spacemaker has experienced an uplift in enquiries and qualified leads. The enquiries they now receive are from higher-value customers. New customers have commented that they were compelled to call Spacemaker after researching them online. This research started with a generic Google search for keywords relating to renovations in Melbourne, followed by checking Spacemaker for credibility on social media.

Customers have also been calling Spacemaker directly from our social media posts, noting the professional branding on Facebook and Instagram.

Spacemaker Home Extensions Instagram gallery

The results: 4 month snapshot

Contact Form
Enquiries +63%

Visits from Social
Media +76%

Downloads +10%

Following +17%

“Hi Keeley, I just wanted to say a big thank you for all the great work Mankind Digital has provided to Spacemaker. In the time we have been partnered with Mankind Digital our website and SEO performance has increased with enquiries beyond our expectations. We have seen a substantial improvement in both enquiry quality and quantity, which is just what we had hoped for when we started our campaign together.

The increase in social media performance as a direct result of your hard work has been fantastic too. We frequently receive comments from customers who have found us through Instagram and contacted our office. Others have found us through our Google search, driven by our strong SEO campaign. Consistently, the comments we hear from our customers is how professional they found these platforms, which in turn encouraged them to contact us.

Keeley, as you are aware, providing a professional campaign that reflected Spacemaker's quality product with all our marketing, was a big requirement for me. This is why I engaged you and Mankind Digital. I can honestly say, we have been thrilled with our decision to partner with you and we look forward to more fantastic results in the many years to come.

Keep up the great work Keeley!”

Tim H.


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