Case Study: Sabijn Linssen Yoga—Workshops & Strategy


Marketing workshops, interviews & website analysis increase enquiries

Sabijn Linssen Yoga

Designed by women, for women, Sabijn Linssen Yoga (SLY) offers corporate, private and group yoga classes both online with virtual yoga sessions, and in person. Virtual classes are offered internationally while in-person classes are available in Melbourne, Australia.

Founded by Sabijn Linssen, SLY specialises in yoga for improved mobility, advanced breathing and stress reduction. With a mission statement of ‘Move Better, Live Happier’, Sabijn believes that yoga is for everybody and has the power to improve your overall quality of life. 

The brief: What Sabijn Linssen Yoga needed

When we first started working with Sabijn Linssen Yoga (SLY), the company and its website were new. The website itself was complicated to navigate and visitors were unable to easily or quickly find the information they needed to qualify themselves as a customer or make a booking online. 

Sabijn wanted a website that would be visible in search engine results for her private and corporate group yoga classes in Melbourne, providing her with increased website traffic and bookings. She also needed help with the process of developing new dynamic website content that would inspire customers and provide them with helpful information, then make it easy for them to take the next step and book regular classes. 

Our solution for Sabijn Linssen Yoga

After a series of workshops and strategic discovery sessions conducted in person to identify the company’s aims, objectives and ideal target audiences moving forward, we worked together to decide how best to reach them.
Step one was to develop a marketing strategy with detailed customer personas and empathy maps that helped Sabijn to tap into the profiles of her ideal customers. These were developed in a series of one-to-one workshops with Sabijn, mapping out her business goals, marketing needs and ideal customer preferences.
We conducted a series of face-to-face customer interviews based on the personas we developed, and monitored user behaviour on the Sabijn Linssen Yoga website. The research results helped Sabijn to identify the barriers her online visitors were facing, and the changes needed to improve navigation and overall customer experience both on her website and in the search engine results pages. Our research also identified the additional information that customers required to help them choose SLY as a reputable yoga instructor in Melbourne before making a decision to book yoga sessions with her.

We prepared a comprehensive website audit to determine the SEO technical challenges that may have been limiting the website’s visibility on search engines. We also made recommendations from our extensive SEO keyword research to help target her core services. Understanding the terms that potential new customers would use to look for her services online informed Sabijn about the necessary website content changes required to achieve the results she was looking for. 

Mankind Digital then went on to prepare SEO content briefs for writing new website copy that would attract more of the right customers for her business and encourage more bookings.

Throughout our partnership, our focus has been on helping Sabijn understand the needs, wants and expectations of her target audience. This directly correlates to the experience her customers expect to have when they engage with her business online.

Summary of key strategies

We aligned the results of our marketing discovery workshops, customer research and website content audits with Sabijn Linssen Yoga’s business objectives to determine the approach we took to deliver results for her business. The core elements of our solution included:

  • Designing and facilitating customised marketing discovery workshops to identify key business outcomes and to develop a customised marketing strategy to achieve them
  • Identifying ideal customer personas and behavioural characteristics
  • Conducting extensive one-to-one customer research and interviews with ideal customer profiles to determine barriers and opportunities for website improvement 
  • Analysing user experience and customer behaviour trends data
  • Preparing recommendations and briefs to simplify user journeys while addressing website structure, navigation and content shortfalls to increase bookings
  • Conducting an SEO audit to identify technical issues with the website
  • Extensive SEO keyword research
  • Identifying information customers need to inspire them to make a booking 
  • Preparing comprehensive SEO content briefs for website updates
  • Providing SEO copywriting guidelines and templates
  • Providing web developers with guidance to restructure the website for a more streamlined customer experience  

The process and results of our website UX recommendations and SEO strategy

After working with Sabijn Linssen Yoga to identify their key business goals, ideal customer personas and customer needs, we delivered website user experience recommendations and a strategic framework that allowed her to take control of her website, SEO content and online marketing. 

The feedback from our customer research and one-to-one interviews gave Sabijn valuable insights that were used to update her website content and online booking process. We prepared SEO recommendations and guidance around adding the information that her customers told us was missing. Our team also prepared an updated website navigation and menu structure for her developers to implement. 

Since these changes were made, Sabijn has reported an increased number of enquiries from customers seeking corporate and private yoga sessions, and bookings for delivering corporate and private yoga classes in Melbourne have continued to increase. Her existing customers have commented that the website is now easier to use and they can book online classes faster and more easily.

The results

Increased Enquiries

Enhanced User Experience

Improved Website Content

More Corporate Classes

Services we provided

Our marketing support for Sabijn Linssen Yoga involved expertise across digital strategy, search engine optimisation and user experience design. We facilitated private workshops, conducted customer research to inform changes to website structure and content, as well as empowering the business to maintain their ongoing SEO strategy. We provided the following services:

  • Custom workshop facilitation
  • Marketing strategy development
  • Customer research and interviews
  • Technical SEO website analysis
  • Website UX and CX analysis
  • SEO content analysis and strategy
  • Implementation guidelines

Project duration

We started working with Sabijn Linssen Yoga (SLY) in February 2021. The workshops, marketing discovery sessions and interviews were delivered over six months. We then prepared the audits, website analysis and content marketing recommendations for SLY to implement. We continue to provide content marketing support to SLY as the business expands and SEO demands evolve. 

  • Project delivery: 8 months

“Keeley and her team have conducted various customer research interviews for SLY, which has given me a clear understanding of the changes that had to be made to make my website more user friendly and to improve the navigation in order to convert more leads. They also helped me with a very thorough SEO strategy, which has made a huge difference for my website. I am SO pleased with the result and I would recommend Mankind Digital in a heartbeat.”

Sabijn L.


Customer research and data analysis define what customers are looking for

Conducting customer interviews and researching online customer behaviour were key strategies Mankind Digital used to increase bookings and attract new clients for Sabijn Linssen Yoga. By maximising content for SEO to target her core service offering and improving customer experience while on the website, SLY has seen significant growth in website traffic along with increased corporate and private student bookings.

Identifying characteristics of the customers you want to attract, providing the information they are looking for, and ensuring a seamless online experience increases online brand visibility and credibility. Mankind Digital can help you to raise your online profile and increase enquiries from qualified customers. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you.