Case Study: Kangaroo Island Tourism Alliance—SEO Content


How SEO content and a full website refresh attracts new visitors

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Kangaroo Island Tourism Alliance

Kangaroo Island Tourism Alliance (KITA) is a non-profit membership-based organisation created to promote and market South Australia’s Kangaroo Island as a complete nature-based destination for travellers year-round. KITA manages the Tour Kangaroo Island website, a key source of useful information to help visitors plan and enjoy their stay. 

As the island’s peak tourism body, KITA supports its members by encouraging holidaymakers to travel beyond the most well known places of interest, such as Remarkable Rocks and Admirals Arch, to see more of the island and discover its lesser-known attractions.

KITA and its members are working together to further develop the island’s tourism, food and beverage industries. They also work closely with the government, South Australian Tourism Commission and other industries in the travel and tourism sector to secure funding and promote Kangaroo Island’s unique attractions to the world.

Our brief: What Kangaroo Island Tourism Alliance needed

KITA’s new website promotes Kangaroo Island as eight distinctive and unique regions, and encourages visitors to explore each of them. Visiting all of the regions means slowing down and spending more time on the island, which in turn means travellers spend more money locally on accommodation, food, tours and attractions. 

KITA approached us to revise outdated website content, develop new content and improve the website’s visibility on search engines. This aims to ensure visitors can easily source the information they need to plan their Kangaroo Island holiday—with a focus on promoting the attractions of each of the eight regions to entice them to stay longer. To do this, we reviewed their website’s structure and content, developed multiple new pages and rewrote existing pages to maximise SEO potential.

Image source: Tour Kangaroo Island.

Our solution for Kangaroo Island Tourism Alliance

Our extensive SEO keyword research to maximise search engine performance was used as the basis for developing new, and rewriting existing metadata, heading tags and web page copy. 

We developed a variety of content aimed at different audiences, including inspirational pages, features about specific attractions, information-giving pieces and itineraries—all with internal links to related pages to highlight all eight regions and make navigating the website simpler.

As well as giving copywriters clear instructions about SEO keywords, links, web page structure and length in the jointly-developed copy briefs, KITA wanted the tone to be fun, friendly, professional and authentic. That way, it would appeal to the broadest possible range of potential site visitors—including families, millennials and seniors.

After writing new copy, and thoroughly fact-checking and copy editing existing content internally, we returned it to KITA for approval. We resolved the queries raised by KITA, and adjusted the copy based on their suggestions before publication.

Key Strategies

Developing New SEO Web Copy

Restructuring Content to Promote all Eight Regions

Adding Internal Links to Related Web Pages

Revising Existing Content for SEO

Services we provided

The multi-faceted Mankind Digital team’s knowledge, experience and expertise meant all aspects of this SEO content development project were completed in-house. We produced 17 pages of high quality content ranging between 1,000 and 2,500 words per page, optimised for search engines. The additional services and skills provided by our team to meet the requirements of this brief included:

  • Analysis of existing website content and site map
  • Tailored proposal development and presentation
  • SEO keyword research
  • SEO competitor research
  • SEO copywriting brief development
  • SEO copywriting for new pages of content
  • Updating and optimising existing website content
  • Fact checking
  • Copy editing
  • Project management
  • Quality control
  • Client services

Image source: Tour Kangaroo Island.

Image source: Tour Kangaroo Island.

Project duration

KITA’s website content analysis, SEO strategy development and copywriting required a comprehensive understanding of SEO principles and their practical application for multiple individual web pages, and the website as a whole. Over eight weeks, the team worked tirelessly to ensure that all aspects of the project fitted together seamlessly, completing it to a high standard and within budget. 

  • Lead time: 4 weeks for research and preparation
  • Project delivery: 8 weeks

Examples of our SEO content:

Kangaroo Island Tourism Alliance logo blumine

"Mankind Digital have provided us with exceptionally professional service, detailed and efficient service. Their content writers are skilled and responsive. I would recommend them for anyone looking for copywriting services."

Megan H.


Leveraging SEO to update your website content

By updating the content on the KITA website with key information that travellers are searching for, potential Kangaroo Island visitors can easily find what they need and they are inspired to stay longer whilst spending more money locally during their stay on the island. 

If your destination marketing organisation is looking for increased online visibility and wants to attract more of the right visitors to your region, take advantage of Mankind Digital’s experience and expertise in SEO and content development. Speak to us about tailoring a content solution that will meet your marketing and business goals.