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The difference between a digital marketing campaign that succeeds and one that fails is usually the preparation. Before any marketing activity commences, it’s crucial to define your goals and objectives, reflect on previous marketing efforts and set a baseline measurement of success. Knowing your audience is just as important.

Here are 6 key benefits of a digital marketing strategy:

  1. Save time and money longer term
  2. Make more sales
  3. Develop clear objectives and measures of success
  4. Learn more about existing customers to attract new customers
  5. Define your audiences clearly
  6. Build trust and manage reputation

Our digital marketing strategy services

If you’re ready to take your digital marketing to the next level, we can help you to prepare for success with a strategic direction that works. Our most popular strategic services are:

Discovery Workshops

Digital Marketing Audits

Customer Research

Strategic Recommendations
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Digital Marketing



Speak with a digital marketing strategist to learn how we can develop a digital marketing strategy that will deliver on your business goals.


Our comprehensive marketing and communications audit will assist you to maximise the impact of your sustainable, responsible and regenerative tourism initiatives and achievements. We assess the effectiveness of your brand visibility, website content and user experience, communications, online content and messaging, marketing materials and customer engagement to identify gaps between your current brand positioning and implementation of sustainability practices. We provide recommendations for updating your marketing strategy to maximise the effectiveness of your communications and enhance your digital presence. We also support you with tools and strategies.

Our marketing audit will help you to:

  • Discover any weaknesses in your current marketing and communications plan
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Prioritise what needs to be addressed
  • Improve your online presence, brand positioning and overall marketing strategy
  • Connect with more customers who are seeking sustainable and responsible options 

Mankind Digital’s training, workshops and courses

Identify key areas for improvement and learn how to maximise the impact of your sustainable, responsible and regenerative tourism initiatives and achievements. Our audit format includes three one-hour sessions tailored to your needs:

  • Discovery call—we talk about your current strategies, issues that might be impacting their effectiveness and the objectives your business wants to achieve
  • Results presentation—we share our audit results and recommendations that will help you progress towards your business goals 
  • Next steps—we discuss the resources you need to work through the action items in our findings, and how to best take efficient and effective action to implement them

The audit process, including the sessions above, will take from 4-12 weeks, depending on the characteristics of your organisation and current strategies.

Take a look at the details of our comprehensive marketing audit including more about how it works, the benefits and the results you can expect.


Our personalised corporate training programs, masterclasses, one-to-one coaching and webinars have been designed to guide and support tourism professionals with marketing and promoting sustainable, regenerative and responsible tourism ethically. We also provide training on the implementation of sustainable and regenerative tourism models unique to your region.

Our training, workshops & courses will help you to:

  • Understand sustainable and regenerative tourism models
  • Effectively communicate your sustainability credentials
  • Attract new customers and staff who share your values
  • Align your products and services to meet visitor demands
  • Build your brand and online presence
  • Improve your marketing skills and proficiency

Mankind Digital’s training, workshops and courses

Learn how to improve your tourism marketing skills and sustainability storytelling without greenwashing. Our flexible training formats and delivery methods include:

Corporate group training

One-on-one mentoring and coaching

Customised training programs

Guest Speaking, Lectures and Conferences
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Corporate group training

One-on-one mentoring and coaching

Customised training programs

Guest Speaking, Lectures & Conferences

Meet our facilitators and discover our extensive training schedule including masterclasses, courses and corporate training programs.


Content marketing and strong copywriting is the most powerful way to connect with and influence travellers, especially when it’s done exceptionally well.

7 key benefits of content marketing and persuasive copywriting:

  1. Increase enquiries from higher quality leads
  2. Build trust with your audience
  3. Amplify your brand awareness
  4. Provide customers with valuable information they actually need
  5. Drive website visits
  6. Grow your social media following
  7. Improve your SEO

Mankind Digital’s content marketing and copywriting services

We specialise in building trust with travellers and growing direct leads for our clients. We don’t believe in ‘cookie-cutter strategies.’ Our content marketing services are tailored to suit individual objectives to ensure that they deliver results for our clients. Our most popular content marketing services are:

See all content marketing services delivered by Mankind Digital’s multi-award-winning tourism marketing team.


If being found on Google is important to your business, Search Engine Optimisation is fundamental for your website and marketing strategy. SEO attracts approximately 70% of the people that visit the websites we manage.

6 key benefits of Search Engine Optimisation:

  1. Get found on Google(!)
  2. Increase enquiries and bookings
  3. Help customers find what they need faster
  4. Create more valuable content for tourists
  5. Improve website user experience
  6. Speed up your website

Mankind Digital’s Search Engine Optimisation services

SEO may be old school, but it’s a tried and tested marketing staple that’s here to stay. If you need an SEO agency that is prepared to invest the time it takes to set up and manage an SEO strategy that will actually work, we can help. Our most popular SEO services are:

SEO Copywriting
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Website Audits & Competitor Analysis
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On-Page & Technical SEO
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Local SEO
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Find out how Mankind Digital’s SEO services are developed specifically for tourism and travel brands.


Social media marketing provides a unique opportunity to build a relationship with potential new customers and to remain top of mind with existing clients. When social media marketing is done well, it’s a powerful way to connect with people on an emotional level.

7 key benefits of social media marketing:

  1. Increase bookings and visitors to your destination
  2. Send more tourists to your website
  3. Build a professional brand presence
  4. Give your audience a voice through user-generated content
  5. Promote your brands’ unique personality
  6. Improve your website’s SEO
  7. Build trust in your brand and service offering

Mankind Digital’s social media marketing services

Our passion is social media marketing for the tourism sector. We know what resonates with travellers and excites them about an experience and a brand. Our most popular social media marketing services are:

Social Media Strategy

Copywriting for Organic Content

Advertising on Facebook & Instagram

Building a Brand Online
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Discover how our social media marketing strategies can help to amplify your travel brand’s online presence and tell your sustainability stories.


We are specialists in professional web design and development on WordPress. We recommend WordPress for greater flexibility and SEO performance longer term.

Professional website design and development will help you to:

  • Convert more enquiries into bookings
  • Save money and time longer term
  • Win more customers over competitors
  • Attract and retain potential new customers
  • Create brand recognition and familiarity
  • Build trust with your audience

Mankind Digital’s website design and development services

We don’t just build websites that look pretty – We design and build websites that achieve the objectives our clients need to meet. Our most popular web design and development services include:

User Experience Strategy

Customer Journey Mapping

User Interface Design

WordPress Website Development
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User Experience

Customer Journey

User Interface

WordPress Website

Find out how our UX/UI and web development team can help you create a website for your travel brand or destination that connects with your ideal customers and drives visitation.


The beauty of paid digital advertising is the immediacy and control available. Rather than waiting for your SEO campaign to gain momentum in isolation, Google Search Ads (Adwords) can put your business on page one of Google immediately. Facebook and Instagram ads can help you to reach new untapped audiences that were previously unreachable.

Here are 7 key benefits of paid digital advertising:

  1. Immediate visibility on Google
  2. Reach a large audience quickly
  3. Instantly target new audiences
  4. Build your brand awareness with video
  5. Test new campaign messaging and creative
  6. Generate direct leads and sales
  7. Stay in control of budgets and timing

Mankind Digital’s paid digital advertising services

Drive direct enquiries and leads for your business through paid digital advertising strategies that are targeted towards your unique goals and audiences. Our most popular paid digital advertising services include:

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Google Search Ads

Google Display Network Ads

Lead Generation Campaigns
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Facebook &
Instagram Ads

Search Ads

Google Display
Network Ads

Lead Generation

Speak to a paid media expert at Mankind Digital to find out how we can drive foot traffic and bookings for your travel business.


Learn more about your existing customers and what makes them choose your brand instead of your competitors. Find out what tourists want, need and expect from your business. Address any barriers they could be experiencing when they need to book with you online.

7 key benefits when investing in customer research:

  1. Increase enquiries from high-value leads
  2. Learn what tourists really think about your business
  3. Explore any barriers to purchase and fix them
  4. Test your assumptions
  5. Connect with more like-minded tourists
  6. Co-create new services with your customers directly
  7. Address user experience issues on your website

Mankind Digital’s market and customer research services

We can uncover valuable insights that will help you to design better services and experiences for your customers. Our most popular customer research and market research services include:

1:1 Customer Interviews

UX Behavioural Analysis

Online Surveys

Focus Groups
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1:1 Customer interviews

UX Behavioural analysis

Online Surveys

Focus Groups

Learn more about what customer research can do for your tourism business or destination. Speak with a Mankind Digital expert today.

Client Success Stories

“Keeley and her team have conducted various customer research interviews for SLY, which has given me a clear understanding of the changes that had to be made to make my website more user friendly…”
“Mankind Digital has been an enormous help with implementing our SEO and content strategy. Working with Keeley, Josh and the rest of the team has been a breeze…”
“I just wanted to say a big thank you for all the great work Mankind Digital has provided to Spacemaker. In the time we have been partnered with Mankind Digital our website and SEO performance has increased with enquiries beyond our expectations..”


Frequently Asked Questions

A digital marketing strategy is the starting point for any marketing activity. It is the foundation for all future marketing efforts and it should be revisited for relevance frequently.

Without an overarching digital marketing strategy, a business has no direction or road map for success.

A digital marketing strategy can help to:

  • Define clear goals and objectives for the business over a given time frame e.g. 1 year, 2 years or 5 years.
  • Forecast your earnings, profits and losses more accurately
  • Plan for seasonal periods that are lower in earnings and outwit them
  • Implement smarter marketing tactics at the right time
  • Grow the business and increase customer demand
  • Invest in the right type of marketing for your business to be successful


Speak with our Digital Strategy team to learn how we can set your business up for success.

Our team has over 100 years of international experience in sustainable and regenerative tourism, digital marketing, communications and advertising. Investing in a Mankind Digital training program or workshop can significantly enhance your business’s sustainability initiatives and customer engagement strategies. Our training can equip you with the necessary skills to communicate your credentials effectively, attract customers who share your values, align your products with customer demands, build a strong online presence and improve your overall marketing proficiency. Our masterclasses, training and workshops will help you to:

  • Showcase your sustainability credentials and their impacts ethically
  • Attract customers sharing your values and mission
  • Tailor products towards traveller demands
  • Establish a credible, standout online brand
  • Boost digital marketing proficiency with practical strategies
  • Access global experts in sustainable and regenerative tourism, content and digital marketing
  • Save money and time – ‘trial and error’ is time-consuming and costly!
  • Get answers to your questions in layman’s terms

Learn more about the training programs, workshops and courses offered through Mankind Digital.

Content is still king.

A targeted content marketing strategy is imperative to the growth of your business. It provides you with the framework and structure needed to build your other marketing activity and campaigns around. Content marketing strategies will save you time in the long term, allowing you to focus more of your time on what you do best – running your business.

Professional content marketing and copywriting will resonate deeply with travellers, enticing them to learn more about the services your business provides. They are also responsible for driving enquiries and increasing your online sales/bookings.

At Mankind Digital, we are native English speakers with decades of experience in content marketing. We offer professional copywriting services and content marketing strategies for travel and tourism brands to attract more of the right visitors. 

The internet is a crowded place and social media is no different. Social media marketing is also very time consuming and tedious. Without a social media marketing strategy, it can be difficult to know what to share and when.

The benefits of a social media marketing strategy are:

  • Learn more about your audience(s), what they want to see and when they want to see your content
  • Develop a framework for success. A content calendar with core content pillars will make it easier for you to focus your time and attention on creating content that resonates with your audience(s).
  • Create a professional brand profile that reinforces that you are a trustworthy business. New customers that find your business through a Google search will often look at your website, THEN they will visit your social media profiles to see what type of business you are in real-time. The images and content you share on social media have more of an impact on new enquiries than you may realise.
  • Build trust in your brand by sharing user-generated content. This includes reviews, testimonials, interviews and images of real people enjoying your services. Note that you must seek permission from your customers before posting their photos and reviews online.

Learn more about social media marketing and the services offered by Mankind Digital’s social media strategists.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) may be old school but it’s here to stay. It is particularly important for tourism businesses and travel experience providers that offer products and services in specific destinations. This is because visitors are often searching for location-specific keywords on Google.

Rather than visitors needing to know your brand name, they can search for things to do, places to stay and attractions in the local area. If your website and online profile have been optimised for SEO effectively, tourists can find your services in a Google search based on the keywords they type in.

For example, if your business is a tour operator based in Barcelona, visitors will find your business on a search engine in different ways. Rather than searching for ‘tour operators in Barcelona’, potential customers are more likely to search for ‘walking tours barcelona’ or ‘best city trips barcelona.’ Put simply, if your website has been optimised to show on Google for these keywords, your business will show up in the results. If not, your competitors will be.

We can help you to identify which keywords people are typing into search engines to find your services. We then update your website so that it has more visibility on Google and your business can start to attract more customers.

Learn more about Search Engine Optimisation and the many benefits for your tourism business or destination.

Your website is the face of your business and your number one salesperson. It is the only person that is capable of working 365 days per year, 24 hours a day. If you don’t have a website, or your website is outdated and doesn’t work properly, this decreases trust in your business.

The travel sector is extremely competitive. Unfortunately, you need to keep up with your competitors and provide potential new customers with online experiences that are enjoyable, easy to understand and helpful. Let’s not forget your existing clients, too!

The lifecycle of a website is typically 4-5 years, at most. Not only does the design become outdated, but technology, security needs and user expectations change drastically.

Learn more about our professional website design and development services for tourism and travel organisations and destinations. 

Paid digital advertising is the quickest way to generate traffic on your website and increase enquiries. Whilst we don’t recommend paid advertising strategies in isolation, we do find that paid advertising campaigns amplify other more organic and longer-term marketing efforts.

The key benefits of paid digital advertising include:

  • Get your brand in front of more customers, faster
  • Build brand awareness instantly
  • Generate quick and immediate leads
  • Use a small budget to test what works and what doesn’t work, quicker – Then use these learnings to improve your other marketing tactics.

There are a variety of paid digital advertising solutions available, however, they don’t all work as efficiently for every business. Your paid advertising strategy needs to be customised to your brand, your audience and your goals. It also needs to feed your entire marketing ecosystem to be truly beneficial to your business.

Speak with us to learn more about paid digital advertising. 

Do you genuinely know what your customers think? Do you know what they want and what they expect from your business? What do they need most when they travel with you?

Imagine if you could get inside the mind of your existing customers to learn more about what your future customers need. The good news is, you can.

Customer research can help you to improve your overall service offering. It can help you to understand what is working well and what needs some attention. It can help you to narrow down your services to focus more of your energy on those that people really enjoy.

Behavioural analysis and 1:1 interviews can help to uncover the barriers people might be facing on your website. Why aren’t they booking that tour, considering all the added extras and inclusions? It might not be an issue with the price or the inclusions. There might be an issue with your website that stops them from booking.

Learn more about what customer research can do for your business. Speak with an expert today

Choose the multi-award-winning tourism marketing and training experts

Mankind Digital has received international recognition from well-renowned tourism organisations and associations for their commitment to the promotion of sustainable, regenerative and responsible tourism globally. We are a multi-award-winning tourism marketing and training organisation with more than 100 years of combined experience in tourism, sustainability, regenerative tourism models, digital marketing and communications.

Send us an online enquiry to speak with a tourism marketing expert today.