Marketing & Sustainability Communications Audits

Assess the effectiveness of your sustainable tourism marketing strategy

Who is this audit for?

Government agencies

Travel brands and experience providers

Sustainable and responsible tourism organisations

Destination marketing firms

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Tourism leaders driving sustainability

What challenges are affecting your tourism organisation?

Is the effectiveness of your sustainable tourism marketing and communications strategy affected by issues like these? 

  • You have received your accreditation or certification, but no guidance or direction about how to market or communicate it effectively
  • Lack of knowledge, skills and time to effectively market sustainability efforts and practices
  • Marketing that does not effectively communicate values means missed opportunities to attract and engage your target audience 
  • Low visibility as a sustainable business results in losing customers to competitors who are greenwashing
  • Missed opportunities due to being unable to connect with your ideal customers when leveraging consumer trends and insights 

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above examples, let us help you with our comprehensive evaluation. Our audit will help you to:

  • Understand your current marketing and communication shortfalls 
  • Identify the key areas your organisation can improve
  • Prioritise what to address first
  • Learn how to improve your online brand presence, storytelling and overall marketing strategy
  • Connect your organisation with more travellers who value sustainable and responsible practices

How does this audit work?

We assess your digital footprint and brand presence to identify the gaps between your current brand positioning and sustainability commitment. With respect to your business goals, we then provide recommendations for updating your marketing and communications strategy and maximising use of digital channels to more effectively communicate your sustainability certification and/or your regenerative and responsible values, efforts and impacts. 

Some examples of how we can support your travel brand or destination with this audit include helping you:

  • Learn how to effectively communicate sustainability in tourism
  • Understand how to work with the media and develop an online press room
  • Apply eco-labelling and/or accreditation branding best practice
  • Update your digital communications to reflect your accreditation
  • Communicate your business purpose, vision, mission and values clearly and concisely
  • Get guidelines for messaging that communicates sustainable, responsible and regenerative tourism initiatives and achievements
  • Learn how to use customer surveys and testimonials in your marketing and communications
  • Create and effectively communicate an impact report
  • Get recommendations for helpful resources such as photo banks and creation tools

As well as showing you how to update your marketing and communications strategy and activity in-house, we also offer training, workshops and mentoring programs in digital marketing fundamentals and brand management. Our specialised courses and workshops in marketing and communicating sustainable and regenerative tourism can be customised to suit your organisation’s needs.

Audit format:

Your audit includes three x 60 minute personalised strategy sessions: 

  1. Discovery call—we discuss your current strategies, the issues that impact on their effectiveness and your business goals
  2. Results presentation—we present and discuss our findings and recommended strategies to help your organisation move forward and achieve results
  3. Next steps—we discuss how to allocate resources and delegate the required actions based on the audit results, and how to work with your team to set priorities and deadlines for taking action in the most efficient way 

Delivery timeframe:

The audit, which includes the three sessions outlined above, will generally be completed within 4-12 weeks, depending on the complexity of your organisation and current marketing strategy.

What results can you expect from this audit?

Investing in the evaluation, review and recommendation process will allow you to allocate resources more effectively in order to gain results such as attracting more of the customers and visitors you are seeking, avoiding greenwashing, developing your brand’s unique voice and increasing the impact of your business. This will positively affect your organisation, customers, internal stakeholders, local communities and associated businesses.

Reputation Management: Guidance on enhancing your company’s reputation by effectively managing its online presence and responses, fostering trust, and establishing a greater level of credibility both within the industry and for your customers.

Clarity and Transparency: We guide you to achieve consistent and transparent communication of sustainability efforts and their impact across all digital channels, resulting in a clear and cohesive brand message that resonates with travellers.

Enhanced Visibility: We provide recommendations to improve search engine visibility that will highlight your sustainable practices, actions, and impacts, boosting your brand’s credibility and attracting more of the right customers for your organisation over time.

Content Strategy: We propose clear and achievable action points to help you devise an impactful content strategy aimed at increasing customer and employee loyalty and retention, while aligning with sustainability goals.

Education: Our actionable advice will assist you to better educate clients and manage their needs effectively in order to foster long-term relationships and customer satisfaction.

Expectation Management: Our personalised proposals will help you to achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction and repeat business by setting realistic customer expectations—then surpassing them.

Communication Improvement: Our suggested communication strategies are aimed at helping you develop your unique brand and build credibility with effective marketing, without greenwashing. We assist you to create a compelling narrative that resonates with your ideal customers who also prioritise sustainability and responsible travel.

Validation of Sustainability Commitments and Changes: Implementing our recommended changes and strategies will strengthen your organisation’s visible commitment to sustainability and responsible tourism. Giving it priority in your communications will attract the customers who are looking for viable sustainable options.

Clarity in Sustainability Efforts: The detailed insights we provide ensure sustainability efforts are communicated clearly and consistently across digital channels, to foster alignment and understanding within internal teams.

Content Strategy Impact: Our clear action points on content strategy are designed to improve employee engagement, loyalty and satisfaction while aligning with the company’s sustainability goals and actions.

Improved Communication: Enhanced communication strategies that are of clear benefit to the local community and other businesses will result in increased community engagement and support.

Elevated Reputation: Developing a well-articulated sustainability narrative that positively impacts the local community fosters support and mutually beneficial partnerships for sustainable initiatives.

Bonus resources:

As well as the benefits listed above, we offer the following bonuses to complement our marketing and sustainability communications audits:

  • Checklists with recommendations for implementation
  • Templates for social media, SEO and PR
  • Templates to help you with prioritisation and delegation of tasks 
  • Recommended delivery timeline and timeframes
  • Access to future training and workshops at loyalty customer rates

Develop your brand and attract the customers you seek

If your tourism marketing and communication strategy isn’t achieving the results you’re looking for, our marketing and sustainability communications audits will uncover the key elements you need to focus on to supercharge your marketing and effectively resonate with your audiences. Find out how to overcome the barriers your organisation faces in promoting your sustainability goals and achievements and attract the customers you are looking for. 

If you’re ready to boost both your online presence and business growth while enhancing your credibility as a sustainable tourism organisation, use our expertise and support to help promote your ethical practices, projects, initiatives and commitment. Contact us to book your discovery call today!