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Tourism workshops—learn how to market sustainability and regeneration

Empowering tourism professionals, globally

At Mankind Digital, we empower tourism professionals to communicate their sustainable, responsible and regenerative tourism practices, accreditations, certifications and achievements with confidence.

Tourism marketing expert and sustainable tourism advocate Keeley Warren coordinates Mankind Digital’s practical and interactive tourism marketing training programs, workshops and courses, delivered face-to-face and online. We teach participants how to share their stories of impact, avoid greenwashing and ethically communicate their initiatives and achievements with travellers, employees, internal stakeholders and the community.

We also offer training sessions, workshops and courses where participants learn the theory and principles of sustainable and regenerative tourism, followed by a practical framework for planning and implementing initiatives in Australia, Europe and South-East Asia. 

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Who are our tourism marketing training courses and workshops designed for?

To stand out as a reliable and credible tourism option that supports sustainable, responsible and regenerative tourism, you need specialised knowledge, language and skills. Our training can help you take your planning, implementation and marketing to the next level, no matter how much experience you and your marketing team have in showcasing your achievements, creating and delivering tourism products, and crafting promotional material.

Our training courses and workshops can help you incorporate sustainable, responsible and regenerative tourism initiatives into your products and services, while providing you with strategies to communicate them to attract new customers. 

You will find our courses and workshops useful if you work with a:

  • Destination marketing and management company
  • Government agency responsible for promoting local tourism initiatives and experiences
  • Tour operator, hotel, attraction, tourism service or experience provider

We also work with:

  • Tourism organisations and destinations who are implementing, or looking to implement sustainable and regenerative tourism initiatives
  • Tourism professionals seeking a deeper understanding of sustainable and regenerative tourism models, and the differences between them

How are our courses and workshops delivered?

At Mankind Digital, we offer flexible training formats and delivery methods to suit your preferences. These help you to effectively target the areas of greatest need in your organisation and maximise your marketing efforts. 

We provide multiple training delivery options internationally, including in-person and virtual training solutions. If you’re located in Australia, Europe or South-East Asia, we can deliver in-person training and workshops, or conduct virtual sessions via Zoom to any location. Our comprehensive library of recorded content empowers you to learn at your own pace.

Choose the best delivery method for your needs:

  • Face to face
  • Virtual, via Zoom or videoconferencing
  • Phone calls for individual sessions
  • Pre-recorded content such as webinars and training videos for self-directed learning

We offer our training courses and workshops in a variety of formats including:

  • Group training
  • One-on-one mentoring and coaching
  • Customised tourism workshop design and facilitation
  • Guest Speaking, Lectures and Conferences
Coaching online training

Our customised tourism workshops, training programs and courses

Mankind Digital’s tourism workshop facilitators and training specialists have more than 100 years of combined experience in digital marketing and communications, and a passion for sustainable and regenerative tourism. We are therefore well placed to educate, guide and support destination management companies, government agencies, hotels, tour operators, attractions, accommodation and tourism experience suppliers.

Personalised Marketing & Tourism Workshops For Teams & Industry Development

At Mankind Digital, we understand that each destination is unique. Our training and tourism workshop facilitation experts are skilled in designing and delivering educational programs and workshops to address the digital marketing and industry development needs specific to your region, team and organisation. This includes specialised training in regenerative and sustainable tourism development and delivery. In our customised programs, training and workshop content is curated and delivered especially for you and your team, designed to help you meet your business goals and marketing requirements.

Personalised workshops can be developed to focus on a range of topics, including: 

  • How to market sustainable or regenerative tourism
  • Learning about regenerative tourism models and their benefits to you, your customers, the local community and the local economy
  • Adopting a regenerative tourism model in your organisation
  • Effective communication of sustainable and regenerative tourism initiatives 

Some of the most popular topics requested include: 

How to Market Sustainable & Regenerative Tourism: Tailored Content & Delivery


To gain maximum benefit from our extensive marketing and communications expertise and specialist knowledge of sustainable and regenerative tourism, talk to us about how we can support you by customising a workshop, training session or program specifically for you, your team or your destination. 

Whether you work in a destination management company, for a tour operator or at a hotel, we can work with you to create customised training content that meets the needs of your organisation, destination and local community. 

Digital Marketing Training & Workshops

Our digital and content marketing educational programs are designed to help you maximise your sustainability efforts, navigate the ever-evolving world of online marketing and avoid greenwashing. 

Has your destination or tourism business already started your regenerative tourism journey, implemented sustainability initiatives, or recently received a sustainability accreditation? Ethically sharing your achievements and attracting the customers you’re looking for isn’t always easy, especially when greenwashing is rife throughout the industry.

In this masterclass, we’ll show you how to effectively communicate the changes you are making by helping you develop powerful storytelling and online marketing skills to connect with your existing audiences and reach new ones—This includes visitors, employees and those in your community. This masterclass will teach you about sustainability communications for tourism and travel, along with content marketing for sustainable and regenerative tourism.

When people can easily see and understand your motivations, impacts and the many benefits there are by choosing to work with your organisation, you will continue to develop the organisation’s credibility and loyalty, further increasing your organisation’s scope for increased contribution towards sustainability or regeneration in your region in the future. 

Digital Marketing Fundamentals for Tourism Professionals: Build and Execute Your Online Strategy


We cover the essentials of digital marketing in this comprehensive course aimed at those who are new marketers. We teach you how to create an online presence, define your customer personas, address your customer pain and gain points, understand the various digital channels available and define your marketing goals.

Jam-packed with general digital marketing training, tactics and practical recommendations, we also teach you how to save time by making your marketing efforts more efficient.

The course includes a practical guide for developing an effective digital marketing strategy, along with templates for SEO copywriting and social media content calendars. 

Masterclass: Digital Marketing for Tourism Professionals—Boost Your Online Presence and Performance


Take your promotional campaigns to the next level as our digital marketing experts share techniques for undertaking effective customer research, developing a content marketing strategy and implementing SEO for tourism companies to improve your presence on search engines.

We also teach you how to use social media marketing strategies to boost your professional profile and credibility while increasing your enquiries with conversion rate optimisation methodology for your website. You will also learn how to align your marketing plan objectives with your business goals, and measure their effectiveness.

Personalised Digital Marketing Mentoring to Launch, Grow and Optimise Your Tourism Brand


These personalised one-on-one digital marketing coaching and mentoring sessions are ideal if you are in the early stages of developing a marketing strategy, or seeking guidance for a particular topic or event.

We can tailor a coaching program just for you, to cover situations such as launching a new brand, implementing an extensive content strategy, how to write content for search engines or general digital marketing advice to help keep costs down by implementing an in-house strategy.

Choose from weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions.

Coaching and online training services

Training and Workshops Focusing on Regenerative and Sustainable Tourism

In collaboration with our international partners and network of sustainable and regenerative tourism experts, we provide educational workshops and training to help tourism professionals understand the theory and practical implementation of sustainable and regenerative tourism models and practices. Learn more about our sustainable tourism training, regenerative tourism courses and our partners.

Masterclass: Implementing a regenerative approach into your tourism business


Dive deep into the transformative world of regenerative tourism with this exclusive two-hour masterclass!

Have you already started to learn about regenerative development in tourism but need help with translating the theory into action? If you’re eager to learn more about this groundbreaking approach and seamlessly integrate it into your business operations, this workshop is for you.

Discover the art of incorporating regenerative practices across all facets of your business in this immersive experience. Our expert facilitators will explain the importance of embracing an ecological worldview and placing nature at the core of every business decision. Insights from real-world case studies spanning diverse tourism sectors and global destinations will help you craft your personalised Regenerative Tourism Action Manifesto tailored to your unique business and locale.

This masterclass will inspire and equip you with practical tools to kick-start your regenerative journey, perfectly aligned with your business ecosystem. Revolutionise your approach and join the global movement of regenerative practitioners in the visitor economy. 

Guest Speaking: Tourism Conferences, Events & Lectures


Our specialists in digital marketing and regenerative and sustainable tourism are available for guest speaking events, presentations, conferences and lectures internationally.

We are based in Australia, Europe, South-East Asia and online for virtual events. Speak to us about our rates and availability.

Why should I invest in this training?

Investing in a Mankind Digital training course or workshop will help you to stand out from your competitors, reach new visitors and retain existing customers who appreciate your sustainability efforts.

We also show you how to educate, inspire and share information about your sustainability and regenerative tourism journey with potential new customers, visitors, employees, internal stakeholders and the community.

We help you achieve this by showing you the best ways to:

  • Convey the impact that your sustainability certification or accreditation has had on your organisation, your region and the local community by sharing the steps you took to achieve it and what this means.
  • Find out how to include your sustainability certification or accreditation in your marketing and communications strategy, ethically and without greenwashing.
  • Communicate the benefits and advantages of your sustainability and regenerative tourism initiatives, along with the challenges and impacts.
  • Maximise your storytelling skills to present your ongoing journey as an impactful and beneficial work in progress.
  • Highlight the advantages for visitors and employees when it comes to choosing you over your competitors.
  • Present and share information about your sustainability and regenerative tourism initiatives in effective and meaningful ways that resonate with your target audiences.
  • Connect and engage with visitors who share your organisation’s values.
  • Find out what your audiences are looking for and effectively show them that the products and services you are offering meet their needs.
  • Learn the theory behind sustainable and regenerative tourism, and the differences between them.
  • Gain the practical knowledge and skills you need to implement regenerative and sustainable tourism initiatives.
  • Identify and deliver the targeted products and experiences that conscious travellers are seeking.
  • Adapt your existing products and services to meet the changing demands and preferences of your audiences.
  • Grow and maintain a positive online reputation for the long term to build a credible, recognisable and go-to brand.
  • Develop powerful storytelling skills and new tactics to help you write persuasive and engaging content for your website and social media channels.
  • Increase your visibility on search engines to attract those seeking organisations with sustainability and regenerative tourism initiatives, practices and achievements.
  • Leverage your online presence to become a destination of choice for visitors, regardless of seasonality.
  • Advance your general digital marketing knowledge and skills.
  • Get access to practical templates, including SEO copywriting guides, customer personas, empathy maps, social media content calendars and planning tools.
  • Share consistent and inspiring messages across all your communication channels.

Meet our team of workshop facilitators and trainers

Keeley Warren

Workshop Facilitator & Trainer: Tourism Marketing, Communications & Digital Marketing

Keeley is the founder and Director of multi-award-winning tourism marketing organisation, Mankind Digital. She is an experienced digital marketing workshop and training facilitator with 16 years of experience in international tourism marketing, digital marketing, advertising and communications.

After living, working and travelling in more than 41 countries where overtourism, greenwashing and tourism leakage are common, Keeley is passionate about ethically promoting regenerative and sustainable tourism. The training, coaching and corporate workshops she facilitates for tourism professionals are designed to help address these issues through effective promotion and communication campaigns.

She facilitates our marketing workshops, corporate training programs and courses in Australia and Europe, specialising in digital marketing, content marketing and the effective communication of regenerative and sustainable tourism.

Nadine Schmidt

Corporate Training & Lecturer: Regenerative Tourism 

Nadine is a lecturer, tutor, and online training facilitator specialising in delivering a regenerative approach to tourism for various educational institutions and organisations. Internationally recognised for her expertise in, and advocacy for, regenerative tourism, she is globally involved in several regenerative tourism projects.

With a background that includes over 15 years of first-hand experience in the international tourism sector, she is passionate about promoting authentic experiences that enhance the well-being of local communities and their environment. She designs and delivers tailored training and development packages for tourism sector organisations and destinations wanting to adopt regenerative tourism principles and practices.

Sarah Rhodes

Corporate Training & Mentoring: Sustainable Tourism

Sarah is an entrepreneur, team engagement and training professional with a Masters in Tourism Management and over 25 years of tourism industry experience. Specialising in plastic-reduction and sustainable tourism, her plastic-free workshop program and sustainability managers course have changed the way tourism sector staff throughout Southeast Asia and Australia implement sustainability practices.

Sarah helps tourism businesses successfully build sustainability into how they operate, creating ongoing benefits for the local people, communities and environment. The programs she designs and delivers help companies start their journey towards sustainability and aim for bigger, bolder actions, while providing support for newly appointed sustainability officers and teams. 

Our Training Partners & Affiliates

With the assistance of our international partners and a global network of sustainable and regenerative tourism experts, our programs are designed to equip tourism professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to master the intricacies of regenerative and sustainable tourism models and practices.

Our workshops and training sessions will help you to gain comprehensive insights into the theories behind regenerative and sustainable tourism, along with guidance on practical implementation.

Our partners and affiliates include: 

Training, Courses & Workshop Facilitation: Regenerative Tourism & Communities Development

The Tourism CoLab, an Australian-based tourism education and change-making consultancy led by Dianne Dredge (PHD), stands at the forefront of revolutionising the tourism sector. With a firm belief in fostering a regenerative mindset, Dianne and her team of regenerative tourism workshop facilitators deliver comprehensive education programs to empower individuals and organisations to unlock the full potential of regenerative tourism.

Through its pool of expertise in tourism and systems change, The Tourism CoLab offers a range of services including educational programs, coaching, workshops, training and experimental projects. They collaborate with forward-thinking tourism professionals who are eager to navigate the challenges and opportunities of a regenerative tourism future. 

Training & Workshop Facilitation: Sustainable Tourism Management
Plastic Free Southeast Asia (PFSEA) operates in Southeast Asia and Australia and empowers tourism businesses to make a positive impact on local people and the planet by reducing their plastic pollution. Launched in 2015 by Sarah Rhodes in Cambodia, PFSEA’s services and programs help tourism businesses reduce the effects of tourism on the environment.

The organisation’s practical training and online workshops assist tourism businesses become plastic free and implement more sustainable practices, along with also providing support through consultancy services. Passionate about supporting businesses to implement sustainable practices, Sarah also conducts an interactive online training for sustainability managers, mentoring and providing participants with practical tools and advice that they’re encouraged to implement during the 12-week course to start making their impact right away. 

Training & Workshop Facilitation: Digital and Content Marketing

Monarch Institute and Business Victoria specialise in supporting small business owners, entrepreneurs and start-ups in Victoria, Australia, by delivering engaging in-person and online workshops and training.

Through this state government funded program, Mankind Digital’s founder and Director, Keeley Warren, provides in-person digital marketing workshop facilitation, webinars, virtual mentoring and support that empowers small business owners to transition their businesses to an online environment, expand their existing knowledge and acquire new skills in digital marketing.

The digital marketing workshops Keeley delivers include Advanced Strategies to Taking Your Business Online, Social Media and Content Marketing, Taking Your Business Online, and Maximising Your Marketing. 

Why Choose Mankind Digital?

When you choose Mankind Digital as your training partner, you will gain valuable knowledge and insights, along with developing skill sets and receiving practical guidance to take your marketing and communication strategies to the next level. However, you will also have access to a number of additional benefits. More specifically: 

Working with an internationally recognised multi-award-winning organisation. Mankind Digital is the winner of the annual Skal International Sustainable Tourism Awards in Media and Education Institutions category.
Learning directly from our wide network of industry professionals, with specialists in digital marketing, sustainable, regenerative and responsible tourism.
Gaining the full range of skills and knowledge required, along with the support you need to be able to successfully market your organisation or destination for yourself.
Customised workshops co-designed with you to address your organisation or destination’s needs, and being able to ask questions specific to your situation while learning at your own pace and training your whole team at the same time.

Enquire about our award-winning tourism marketing training and workshops

At Mankind Digital, we specialise in developing and delivering training programs and marketing workshops that promote regenerative and sustainable tourism through effective and ethical digital marketing and communications strategies.

We also offer training, courses and workshops in regenerative tourism and sustainability through our partners based in Australia, Europe and South-East Asia.

Available in-person or online, our workshops are designed for international tourism professionals and tourism marketing teams. Talk to us about the support your business needs to promote your sustainability initiatives and our facilitators will recommend the most suitable training and educational programs for your needs.

For more information about our training programs, facilitators and tailored workshops, contact us today.