Mankind Digital shines at Sustainable Tourism Awards

Back-to-back Skål awards in the Educational Programmes & Media category

Published November 2, 2023

Skål International has awarded Mankind Digital as the Educational Programmes and Media category winner at the 2023 Skål International Sustainable Tourism Awards for the second consecutive year.

The winners were announced at the awards ceremony held on 2 November at the 2023 Skål International World Congress in Malaga. Now in their 22nd year, these prestigious awards recognise travel and tourism organisations around the world with proven best practices in sustainable and responsible tourism. 

Mankind Digital attends the 2023 Skål International World Congress in Spain

We are honoured and humbled to receive a second sustainable tourism award following our 2022 win in the same category. Mankind Digital’s founder and Director, Keeley Warren, accepted the award in person at the 2023 Skål International Sustainable Tourism Awards ceremony, held during Skål International’s 82nd annual World Congress in Spain. Recognition by Skål International and the many prestigious partners involved in the awards affirms our commitment to education delivery for both the tourism sector and general public, along with the ethical promotion of sustainable, regenerative and responsible tourism globally.

Our back-to-back win at these awards confirms that purpose-driven, ethical businesses can flourish without compromising their values.

We are proof that sustainable tourism organisations can drive positive change by influencing conscious travel choices, working with tourism sector thought-leaders and supporting local community initiatives—creating a world where nature, communities and economies thrive. 

“Keeley [Founder and Director of Mankind Digital] has a comprehensive understanding of the important role education plays in influencing consumers and the tourism sector around the importance of sustainability in all areas of tourism … In communicating with business Keeley does not just cover theory of sustainability. She talks about why sustainability is important, she gives practical tips and discusses potential pitfalls.”

Geoff Manchester


Skål International’s 2023 Sustainable Tourism Awards global partners

In 2023, the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), Biosphere© and the Responsible Tourism Institute continue their collaboration with Skål International to deliver the Skål Sustainable Tourism Awards. In addition to the awards presented by Skål International, Biosphere© also recognises each organisation that wins in their category with the Skål Biosphere Sustainable Special Award. We are proud to be recognised by and associated with these internationally recognised organisations, whose priorities and values we share and uphold.
The UNWTO promotes tourism as a force for good by supporting countries to develop tourism policies and practices that are responsible, sustainable and accessible for all. The organisation fosters knowledge, education and capacity building within the tourism sector and forms partnerships to enhance how tourism contributes to socio-economic growth, poverty reduction and environmental protection.
The Responsible Tourism Institute is a non-profit organisation that promotes sustainable tourism worldwide by helping destinations and companies to adopt responsible tourism practices that respect the environment, culture and people. The Responsible Tourism Institute awards Biosphere© certification to companies and destinations, and is based on the principles of the World Charter for Sustainable Tourism and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Biosphere© is an international sustainability certification system used by the Responsible Tourism Institute and is the only methodology to emerge from four sustainable tourism summits sponsored by UNESCO and UNWTO. Biosphere© sustainability certification is the only award in the world to incorporate the 169 goals of the 2030 Agenda and the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This ground-breaking system connects destinations, companies, citizens and tourists within a framework that includes the 17 SDGs and other UN targets.

Tourism organisations supporting our award application

Mankind Digital would like to thank the local, regional and international organisations that supported our awards submission. These include: 

  • Intrepid Travel
  • Sustainable Travel International
  • Skål International Melbourne
  • Victoria Tourism Industry Council (VTIC)
  • Carbon Positive Australia
  • Travel Writers Radio
  • Safiri Travel
  • Hub Australia
  • MFJ Media
  • Ctrl+C

“Mankind Digital is at the forefront of promoting and educating operators and consumers alike on the role of values-based travelling in sustainable ways. The passion and care that Keeley and her team at Mankind Digital have for the sustainability of our industry are of the highest quality.”

Felicia Mariani


2023 Skål International Sustainable Tourism Awards Categories

The 2023 Skål International Sustainable Tourism Awards experienced the highest number of entries since the awards commenced in 2002. This year’s awards attracted 68 applicants from 18 countries, and entries were received across eight categories:

  • Community and Government Projects
  • Countryside and Biodiversity
  • Educational Institutions/Programmes and Media
  • Major Tourist Attractions
  • Marine and Coastal
  • Tour Operators and Travel Agents
  • Tourists Transportation
  • Urban Accommodation

Educational Institutions/Programmes and Media category entrants

In 2023, Mankind Digital was up against stiff competition with five other international organisations competing for the same award category, including:

Asociación NATIVE Turismo para Todos—based in Spain, the non-profit consultancy promotes accessible tourism for older people and those with mobility limitations. Its web platform offers information and solutions for hotels and tourists who want to enjoy hospitality without barriers.
Cancún, Puerto Morelos & Isla Mujeres Hotel Association—based in Mexico, the organisation represents and supports the hotel and tourism sector in these destinations while promoting sustainable development and cooperation with local authorities and communities.
Liveable Access Consultancy—based in South Africa, the company promotes diversity and inclusion by providing accessibility solutions and services for South African hospitality and tourism industries. The consultancy also operates Able2Travel, a travel concierge division that caters to the needs and preferences of travellers with disabilities.
Showcook—based in South Africa, Showcook showcases the South African hospitality and tourism sector’s best practices and achievements, and sponsors the Inter Hotel Challenge. This competition fosters career growth and cooperation between hotels, chefs, bakers, baristas and concierges.

We are so proud to be working alongside these incredible organisations committed to life-changing international projects and initiatives promoting sustainable tourism and inclusivity.

2023 Awards application process and criteria

Applying for an internationally recognised sustainable tourism award takes time, effort and commitment. To be one of the Skål International 2023 Sustainable Tourism Awards winners, applicants must show how their business achievements meet a comprehensive range of evaluation criteria.

Focused on sustainable tourism outcomes, the criteria for the Educational Institutions/Programmes and Media category included:

  • Environment—covering criteria such as nature preservation, carbon offsetting, climate change mitigation, energy usage, water saving and waste management
  • Social—with sub-categories such as culture preservation, involvement in the local community, human rights protection, and health and safety
  • Economic—with criteria that included local employment, employee training, business viability and marketing

Applicants must also provide a 60-second video supporting their submission and are encouraged to share photographs, certificates and previous awards demonstrating their sustainable initiatives.

Award submissions are evaluated by three judges selected from tourism and sustainability-based organisations who work in areas related to specific evaluation criteria. Each judge gives a score, and these are then totalled by the Skål International General Secretariat and verified by the Skål International Senior Auditor. The winner of each category is the entry with the highest joint score.

The winning organisations from each category were announced during the 2023 Skål International World Congress in Malaga.

“The [Mankind Digital] team believes in empowering destinations and tourism businesses to tell their sustainability stories with clarity and impact, ensuring that their marketing message resonates and is easily understood by their unique audiences.”

Tara Strickland


What’s Changed for Mankind Digital since winning this award in 2022?

Since winning the Skål International Sustainable Tourism Award in 2022, we have made several significant changes to Mankind Digital’s business operations.

Global expansion

We have expanded our area of operation and are now based in Australia and Spain. Our remote team members work internationally from a number of locations, including Australia, Europe, South Africa, Southeast Asia and various others.

By strategically positioning our team internationally, we are well-placed to support tourism and travel organisations, destinations and tourism professionals from multiple markets committed to moving towards more sustainable and regenerative models. The expansion gives our team and clients greater access to knowledge-sharing and networking opportunities that contribute to more progressive change within the sector. It enhances service delivery both in person and online from various locations. 

Education and training solutions

Mankind Digital offers corporate training programs, workshops, masterclasses, webinars and education solutions worldwide. We now deliver these directly through our facilitators, partners and affiliates.

Our experienced educational facilitators with expertise in digital and tourism marketing and sustainable and regenerative tourism are based in Australia, Europe and Southeast Asia.

We offer face-to-face, group, one-on-one, online and self-paced training options. 

Partnerships and organisations we support

Mankind Digital supports local and international organisations that share our values and are committed to maximising the positive benefits of travel and tourism to local communities, destinations and the environment. We foster the implementation of sustainable and regenerative tourism practices by funding charities, tourism associations and other organisations that support these principles. We also choose to work with clients and suppliers who share our values.

Toggle ContentWe support projects and innovations developed by the following organisations:

  • 1% for the Planet
  • Great Barrier Reef Foundation
  • Karrkad Kanjdji Trust
  • Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network
  • Carbon Positive Australia
  • Bob Brown Foundation

We ensure our message reaches a broad audience by collaborating with tourism professionals, associations and training partners who share our values. This approach helps to increase the demand for more sustainable and regenerative offerings. Our partners and alliances include:

  • The Tourism CoLab
  • Rooted Storytelling
  • Travel Writers Radio

We support organisations that support the tourism sector’s development while following the principles we value. We do this by becoming active members, sharing our knowledge and expertise, and paying membership fees which help fund projects, events, education and workshops. We are proud members of the following organisations:

  • Sustainable Travel International
  • Young Tourism Network
  • Victoria Tourism Industry Council
  • Skål International Melbourne
  • Catalyst 2030

“Mankind Digital's innovative approach to sustainable tourism is evident in the projects and initiatives they support. They integrate the effective communication of sustainable tourism practices into their service offering, and their commitment to minimising their carbon footprint and supporting local communities is commendable.”

Paloma Zapata


Who is Mankind Digital?

Mankind Digital is an international multi-award-winning tourism marketing, content and training organisation dedicated to promoting sustainable, regenerative and environmentally responsible tourism and travel globally.

Mankind Digital develops content and tourism marketing campaigns for travel brands, destinations and tourism organisations. We help them to reach a broad audience of travellers seeking sustainable travel products, services and experiences.

We offer and deliver a range of workshops, training and courses in sustainable and regenerative tourism, marketing and communications.

We also specialise in developing resources and guidelines for tourism businesses and destinations undertaking sustainability certification or accreditation, helping them tell their sustainability stories in ways that resonate with visitors, employees and the community. 

Mankind Digital’s tourism marketing services

Our most popular tourism marketing services include:

  • Digital and tourism marketing strategy
  • Training, workshops and coaching
  • Content marketing
  • Copywriting for tourism and travel websites
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Social media marketing

Mankind Digital’s training and workshops

Our training and workshop offerings include:

  • Customised corporate training programs and workshops
  • Masterclasses
  • Webinars
  • Virtual Tutorials
  • Speaking Events

Why Choose Mankind Digital?

Our business model was designed to assist and support the tourism sector as it moves towards a more sustainable and regenerative model post-pandemic. We use our team’s marketing and content creation expertise to drive positive changes within the sector through expert educational programs, content strategy, high-quality travel content development and marketing across a broad range of digital channels.

Choosing Mankind Digital as your tourism marketing and training partner brings a range of benefits to your business. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Partnering with a globally acclaimed, multi-award-winning powerhouse.
  • Tapping into our extensive international network of sector experts.
  • Acquiring the skills and getting support to market your destination effectively.
  • Mastering the art of communicating your strengths.
  • Attracting like-minded customers who value your services and products.
  • Tailoring your service offerings to meet customer demand.
  • Elevating your brand and boosting your online visibility.
  • Honing your marketing skills for maximum impact.
  • Co-designing personalised workshops to address your specific needs.

“Through her business, Mankind Digital, [Keeley] is actively engaged in educating the tourism sector about the various options that deliver sustainable outcomes. Due to her obvious commitment to sustainability in tourism, we regularly feature her stories on Travel Writers Radio and SoundCloud to inform and educate our audience of listeners internationally.”

Graeme Kemlo


Mankind Digital—Your multi-award-winning training and tourism marketing partner

Is your tourism organisation or destination moving towards sustainability or regeneration? Mankind Digital is a multi-award-winning tourism marketing organisation that can provide support with promoting and communicating your efforts, impacts and the benefits of sustainable and regenerative tourism. Together, we can take your marketing campaigns, service offerings and business profile to the next level.
Find out for yourself why Skal International awarded Mankind Digital for two consecutive years in a row, and let us help you succeed. Submit an online enquiry to speak with one of our tourism marketing and education experts today. 

Published November 2, 2023

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Skål International has awarded Mankind Digital as the Educational Programmes and Media category winner at the 2023 Skål International Sustainable Tourism Awards for the second consecutive year.

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