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Our story, vision, team and clients—sustainability is front and centre

At Mankind Digital, the work we do is meaningful, both to us and the world we live in. Our international award-winning tourism marketing, content and training organisation is on a mission to educate, inspire and create positive global change through tourism and travel.

Founded in Melbourne Australia in 2021, Mankind Digital is committed to providing practical support to both the tourism sector and their customers, encouraging people to embrace tourism practices that sustain, nurture and regenerate places, communities, economies, culture and the environment.

Our commitment to ethical tourism and travel

Sustainable, responsible and regenerative tourism and travel have been at the core of our business model from the beginning. Our commitment to promoting these principles is reflected in the tourism marketing and training services we offer and the projects we deliver for our clients. 

Our tourism marketing services range from developing specialised training programs and workshops focused on communicating and marketing sustainable and responsible travel, through to developing and implementing digital marketing strategies and creating dynamic content for our clients’ websites and social media campaigns. 

We choose to partner with travel brands and destinations that are making an impact on the planet and the communities in which they operate.

How we differ from other marketing agencies

By prioritising the promotion of sustainable, responsible and regenerative tourism models, practices and impacts, we not only inspire and drive positive change within the tourism sector, but also demonstrate how businesses can attract more of the right travellers and flourish by embracing these practices and principles.

Our focus on promoting sustainability, responsible choices and regenerative tourism to create a world where nature, communities and local economies thrive is the point of difference between us and other tourism marketing providers. 

Our commitment to supporting the tourism sector and their customers is evident in the way we operate, the products and services we offer and the people, brands and partners we choose to work with. We are committed to continuing this approach as we expand into a multi-national organisation with a team in Australia, Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia.

Tourism marketing for good

Our tourism marketing campaigns encourage travellers to choose responsible options, whilst making educated and thoughtful decisions when planning, booking, experiencing and sharing information about their travels.

Our focus on consumer education creates a growing demand for more responsible tourism experiences, services and products delivered in sustainable and regenerative ways—these principles underpin everything we do.

Supporting responsible businesses

We partner with travel brands and destinations who are committed to delivering responsible, sustainable and regenerative tourism internationally.

In addition to our clients in the tourism sector, we also choose to work with a select group of businesses and brands in other industries who prioritise sustainability and the environment. 

We select these partners because they align with our core values of social and environmental responsibility, authenticity, integrity and compassion.

Multi-award-winning tourism marketers

Winning back-to-back awards in 2022 and 2023 at the Skål International Sustainable Tourism Awards confirms that purpose-driven, ethical businesses like Mankind Digital can flourish.

With applicants from around the world, we are honoured and privileged to have been chosen as winner in the Educational Programs and Media category twice. Conducted annually in collaboration with the United Nations World Tourism Organisation, the Responsible Tourism Institute and Biosphere©, these internationally recognised awards have been running since 2002.  

2022 Skål International Sustainable Tourism Award

Winning this prestigious Sustainable Tourism Award in 2022 confirmed our commitment to putting sustainable, responsible and regenerative tourism and travel at the core of our business. We were thrilled by this acknowledgement of our efforts to provide effective and ethical marketing and communications support to the tourism sector, thus creating a demand for experiences that are more authentic, sustainable and eco-friendly. 

Along with the other applicants in the Educational Programs and Media category, we are committed to replacing traditional tourism methodologies with new models that nurture and protect people and places.

2023 Skål International Sustainable Tourism Award

Being recognised by our industry peers with a second consecutive Sustainable Tourism Award for the Educational Programs and Media category reinforces our business direction. With sustainable, responsible and regenerative tourism at our core, we are uniquely positioned to support the tourism sector in moving forward and adopting new ways of working.

Reflecting our renewed focus on developing and delivering high-quality, personalised training, workshops and courses, we also value the opportunity this award gives us to enable communities, local economies, cultures and the environment to benefit and grow.  

If your organisation shares our values, speak with us about how we can support you and your team with your tourism marketing needs.

Meet Our Amazing Team

Mankind Digital is a family-owned-and-operated tourism marketing and training organisation led by brother and sister duo Keeley Warren and Tom Langford.

Our team of experts have decades of experience in marketing some of the biggest tier-one brands globally, including Mastercard, Samsung, BMW and Heineken among others. We channel our expertise into supporting the growth of tourism organisations and destinations providing sustainable, responsible and regenerative choices for travellers. We specialise in tailored training programs, workshop delivery, digital marketing strategy development, content marketing, copywriting, brand development, graphic design and paid media campaign management.


Keeley Warren

Keeley is the founder and co-director of multi-award-winning tourism marketing organisation, Mankind Digital, pioneering a new approach to tourism marketing focused on ethics, nurturing people and place, and purpose over profit. She has been a specialist in marketing, advertising and communications internationally since 2007, including roles in local government and with publishers and media brands such as Time Out London and Time Out Amsterdam. She continues to support tourism organisations in multiple markets including Australia, Europe and beyond.

Keeley is an active member of Sustainable Travel International, Skål International and the Victoria Tourism Industry Council. She facilitates training and workshops promoting regenerative tourism for the Tourism CoLab and presents radio interviews for Travel Writers Radio as their sustainable travel reporter.


Nadine Schmidt

Nadine is an internationally recognised lecturer, tutor and training facilitator specialising in regenerative tourism. With extensive experience in higher education in Australia and Europe, she delivers comprehensive training, courses and workshops that promote responsible and regenerative tourism practices. Nadine’s expertise spans strategy, product development, organisational growth and the implementation of regenerative principles. She excels in designing and delivering customised training programs for industry professionals and tourism organisations who seek to transition to a regenerative tourism model.

Marion Halliday, Copy Editor at Mankind Digital


Marion Halliday

Marion is lead copy editor at Mankind Digital. Her skills and keen eye for detail are incredibly valuable, helping us to deliver high quality content for our clients. Her background in copy editing spans many years of writing and editing reports, training material and policy documents.

Along with copy editing for Mankind Digital, Marion writes for and edits independent travel publication GlobeRovers Magazine. Her first book, Aussie Loos with Views! is arguably Australia’s quirkiest travel guide. Her co-authored children’s book, Hammie and the Lost Princess of Koh Ang Thong, introduces young readers to the importance of caring for the earth’s resources.

Saajida, Lead SEO Copywriter


Saajida Akabor

Saajida is Mankind Digital’s lead SEO copywriter and content specialist. She has a bachelor’s degree in Media and has worked as a digital copywriter and SEO content specialist for more than 12 years. 

She’s passionate about helping businesses intent on maximising their social impact to attract new customers online in sectors including travel and hospitality, education and not for profit. She uses her love of storytelling and SEO copywriting skills to awaken a sense of motivation in readers, whilst ensuring the impactful copy she writes achieves SEO results for our clients.

Sabrina, Copywriter


Sabrina Davis

Born in Germany, Sabrina has travelled the world extensively and worked in tourism for many years. She made Australia home in 2008 and now lives on Kangaroo Island in South Australia. Sabrina has a background in marketing and public relations, as well as being a published author, proofreader and copywriter.

With a passion for reading and writing since childhood, Sabrina’s work is often focused on supporting local communities. Her award-winning storytelling project, Humans of Kangaroo Island, has raised thousands of dollars towards bushfire recovery.

Kathy, copywriter at Mankind Digital


Kathy Marris

Kathy is one of Mankind Digital’s incredible travel writers. She is also a freelance blogger and copywriter, using those skills to create content for her own travel blog, various tourism websites, magazine articles and travel publications. 

Kathy has experience in social media and tourism marketing, having previously worked in hotel marketing management roles. Here, she was responsible for developing and publishing website and social media content for several independent hotels based in Australia and New Zealand.

Karin Avila, Copywriter at Mankind Digital


Karin Avila

Born in the US, Karin grew up in the Middle East and Europe. After studying International Relations and Environmental Management, she worked in healthcare. She has travelled extensively and is currently based in Spain. 

Karin supports Mankind Digital with developing content that inspires readers to make ethical choices when travelling. She also produces SEO content that increases search engine visibility and enquiries.

Karin’s personal website is an outlet for her twin passions—photography and travel writing. She is also a correspondent for Travel Writers Radio.


Josh Byrne

Josh has been working with Mankind Digital since our business began, and he assists our clients with gaining visibility on search engines in order to increase their online enquiries and sales. He is details-oriented and focused on performance which is a breath of fresh air in the field of SEO.

Josh specialises in website and SEO content audits to uncover the technical fixes that need to be applied to a website so it performs better and shows up on search results. He is passionate about SEO growth strategy, content marketing using SEO tactics and local SEO.

The results Josh has generated for our clients speak for themselves.

James, Paid Media Specialist


James Pendleton

James is Mankind Digital’s resident paid advertising and analytics specialist. He is a results-oriented numbers expert with over 10 years of experience across multiple channels and industries, all of which he brings to the tourism and travel sector. James’ motivation at work comes from understanding the cause and positive effect of new strategies. To him, there’s nothing better than trying something new for a client, exceeding sales targets and reaching new heights in performance marketing.


Lilly Dreyer

Originally a multimedia designer, Lilly has been working in web design and development for many years. She is a talented webmaster with a passion for crafting customised websites in WordPress using Elementor Pro. Her primary objective is to deliver professional web design and development services that attract, engage and convert new customers online. With Lilly’s expertise, your website will showcase your unique travel and tourism offerings, whilst providing your customers with a seamless experience when they engage with your brand online.
Shammika, Website Developer


Shammika Munugoda

Shammika has been working with Keeley since 2019. He is an experienced software architect with a background in full-stack application development, cyber security, Artificial Intelligence and workflow automation. He has worked on large-scale government projects and small-to-medium businesses alike. 

Shammika specialises in Artificial Intelligence and integrating automation solutions into business workflows.


Michael Fletcher-Jones

Michael is a seasoned media producer and videographer with over 20 years of experience. With a passion for tourism and travel, he specialises in creating captivating commercials, documentaries, and diverse video content.

From quickfire social media content to TVC campaigns, Michael’s work reflects authenticity, enthusiasm and a deep understanding of the power of storytelling. He is an expert at crafting engaging content that seamlessly captures his audience’s attention, whilst delivering high quality projects that meet our client objectives.

Celina, Digital Marketing Coordinator


Celina Ng

Celina has been working with clients in the tourism industry in Australia and beyond throughout her career. She loves using her skills to promote a region’s heritage and culture through digital marketing and social media campaigns.

At Mankind Digital, Celina develops content, as well as managing community engagement and post scheduling, along with creating custom graphics, captions and editing images. Celina also assists in preparing campaign reports, drafting marketing plans, updating website copy and conducting SEO keyword research for our clients.

Why our clients choose us

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Committed to

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Your tourism marketing training, content and digital marketing partners

The Mankind Digital team provides expert content marketing services, tourism marketing strategies and training designed to help your tourism business grow by promoting your sustainability commitments, efforts, values and impacts to travellers.
Content marketing focuses on designing highly useful, reliable and worthwhile content to attract customers and other interested parties. Instead of taking the ‘hard-sell’ approach used by other forms of marketing, content marketing answers customer questions, concerns and problems by providing them with logical and relevant solutions. Content marketing can include externally sponsored content, step-by-step guides, informative blog posts and landing page content designed to keep readers on-site and direct them to the appropriate product or service that will easily solve their problem. This approach is particularly effective for travel and tourism organisations and experience providers because effective words and images can very easily convey your offerings to travellers and inspire them to take action.
Effective content marketing targets the customer’s needs, providing useful information and a workable solution to their issue. Using this approach positions you and your business as topic experts, so your product or service will become more sought-after. Customers whose questions and concerns are resolved by content marketing are more likely to be retained, develop loyalty to your brand and product, and increase demand for your services through word-of-mouth.

We conduct a range of customised training programs, workshops and seminars for tourism organisations and destination marketing offices that are redesigning and delivering more sustainable, responsible and regenerative tourism services, experiences and initiatives. 

Our workshops and training programs are developed to help tourism professionals and organisations communicate and market their sustainability commitments, credentials, values, practices, efforts and impacts. This includes supporting tourism businesses and destinations who have completed sustainability certification and accreditation. We develop resources, guides and tool-kits that enable them to tell their sustainability stories and share their offerings, efforts and achievements.

The training we deliver in marketing, communications and impactful storytelling has already assisted many organisations to learn and grow. 

We also offer customised training, courses and workshops in the theory and practical implementation of sustainable and regenerative tourism models.

With a flexible range of delivery options, these services are provided to tourism and travel industry professionals internationally through our network of education and subject matter experts, as well as our alliances and partnerships with like-minded organisations.

Training and education is one of the most powerful drivers of positive change in society at all levels with flow-on effects that affect businesses, destinations and the environment. Our industry and consumer education products create a strong demand for sustainable and regenerative tourism experiences, services and products delivered in more responsible ways—this underpins everything we do, and in turn provides benefits to all.Learn more about our tourism marketing training programs and workshops.

Our Purpose

We believe we can change the world, for the better

Our purpose and vision are clear. We contribute  towards creating a brighter future for the tourism sector and one that is fair for communities, host destinations, the environment and local economies. We partner with organisations and destinations that share this vision by promoting their products, services and experiences to develop awareness and create a greater demand for more sustainable, responsible and regenerative travel and tourism.  

Tourists and visitors don’t always understand the negative impacts that tourism can have on a destination, community or attraction. Resources with practical information are scarce and the benefits of responsible travel are often difficult to communicate.

That’s where we excel. Our approach is based on first understanding the customer and their needs, wants and expectations, then unlocking barriers by presenting solutions to their problems.  Communicating the many benefits of sustainable, responsible and regenerative tourism in ways they can easily understand and relate to will motivate them to take action. 

We love what we do because we have found our purpose.

Brands who trust us:

What do our clients say?

Satisfied customers, repeat business, testimonials and 5-star reviews all confirm the consistently high standard of service we offer our clients and the organisations we partner with. Have a look at what they have said about us by reading our testimonials and case studies.

5-star average Google Profile review rating

Here at Mankind Digital, we are proud of the consistently excellent customer service we provide to our clients, and the outstanding results we achieve for them. We know we have succeeded when our customers give us unsolicited and sincere Google reviews with an average 5-star rating.

Our customer reviews highlight our professionalism, industry and marketing knowledge, content creation skills, the results we have achieved and how much they enjoy working with us. We are thrilled to receive this positive feedback, as it shows us how much our clients appreciate the values we uphold, how we operate and the expertise of our team.

What people say about working with us

Our clients that support sustainability and regenerative tourism

Mankind Digital chooses to partner with organisations and brands that share our values. Some of our recent clients that support and promote sustainability include:

Responsible for all tourism-related matters affecting the iconic destination and landmarks of Victoria’s Great Ocean Road, the regional tourism board manages a visitor website promoting its many diverse attractions. Great Ocean Road Regional Tourism (GORRT) works closely with the local communities in the region to promote the townships and their many natural attractions, wildlife and local produce. We refreshed and optimised existing website content for SEO. New articles and itineraries were created to encourage visitors to travel further and stay longer within the area, and also support it by keeping their tourism expenditure local.

Read the case study.

Kangaroo Island Tourism Alliance (KITA) promotes and markets the unique natural attractions, wildlife, fresh produce, local tourism providers and industries of South Australia’s Kangaroo Island. KITA also publicises its eco-tourism credentials, pristine environment and lesser-known attractions via the Tour Kangaroo Island website. We updated existing website content for SEO optimisation, to ensure information was correct, to improve usability and the reader experience. We created new content to promote the region as a year-round destination for nature-lovers around the world and encourage them to stay longer while supporting the local economy.

Read the case study.

Wild Adventures Melbourne (WAM) puts the environment and community front and centre of their travel business offering guests outdoor adventure experiences such as hiking, biking, picnicking and paddling. The company goes beyond sustainability into regenerative tourism via purpose before profit, with involvement in a varied range of initiatives including environmental restoration and reforestation, becoming carbon positive, sub-zero waste and implementing initiatives such as litter removal on tours. For WAM, we developed an SEO content audit and strategy to assist them with developing relevant and helpful content for their website, along with managing paid advertising campaigns.

View Our Case Studies

Have you ever wondered how a content marketing organisation like Mankind Digital actually works with a client? Our achievements in sustainable tourism, along with our case studies and testimonials will show you the tailored approach we have taken with a diverse range of clients. Here, we profile several organisations we have worked with. Our case studies show examples of how we improved outcomes for each organisation, along with details of our strategy and results. Read our case studies to be inspired by how we can do the same for your tourism organisation or destination.

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“We … have discovered how thorough they are with briefs while always considering and implementing SEO best practice”
“We now have lots more traffic and conversions on our website which we couldn't have done without Mankind...”
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"They provided us with exceptionally professional service ... I would recommend them for anyone looking for copywriting services."

Frequently Asked Questions about Mankind Digital

Yes, our mission to make a positive impact in local communities and tourism regions around the world means we work with destination marketing organisations, tourist boards, tourism authorities, government agencies, regional tourism offices and visitor centres to promote destinations. By partnering with destination management organisations and government affiliates, the effects of our work can be far-reaching and long-lasting. Helping to make positive, noticeable changes in the destinations we promote is what drives everything we do.

Mankind Digital is an international multi-award-winning tourism marketing organisation. We have extensive experience in servicing clients in multiple markets worldwide. Our core clientele are based in Australia and Europe and we promote both in-bound and outbound tourism.

Our ideal clients are tourism organisations or destinations who have received sustainability certification or accreditation and are now ready to tell their sustainability stories and promote their commitment, values, efforts and impacts effectively, without greenwashing. 

We also work with tourism brands who are on the journey towards implementing a regenerative approach to tourism and those who are already integrating more sustainable, regenerative and responsible practices, experiences and initiatives into their business model. We love partnering with tourism business owners who are actively working towards counteracting the environmental, social and economic impacts of overtourism.

Our clients include:

  • Regional marketing offices and destination marketing offices
  • Tourism boards and government agencies
  • Independent travel lodges, eco retreats and sustainable accommodation venues
  • Travel experience providers and activity companies
  • Tour agencies and tour operators with sustainability goals and ethical partnerships that contribute to local sustainability programs
  • Attractions and destination-based experiences
  • Training and education providers

We also work with a small group of responsible businesses with ethical products and practices in various other industry verticals including health and wellness, building and building suppliers and home decorating suppliers.

We customise the services we develop for our clients based on their exact needs and the problems they are trying to solve. Our rates vary depending on the services needed and the scale of work required. We would love to provide you with a customised review of your existing marketing efforts and put together a recommendation that will help you to achieve your goals.

Contact us to book a discovery call with our marketing team.

Mankind Digital: Changing the world for the better

The Mankind Digital team has the knowledge, expertise and strategic approach needed to promote your organisation or destination, ethically. Let us help you with marketing and communicating your sustainable and regenerative tourism initiatives and achievements to attract the customers and visitors you are looking for. Get in touch with our experts today to find out how our training programs and tourism marketing services can support you and your team.