Mankind Digital's Journey Beyond Sustainability

Our awards in sustainable tourism and the work we do behind the scenes

Award-winning tourism marketing

 Mankind Digital aims to inspire millions of people to explore our incredible planet—responsibly—by advocating for positive and lasting changes within the tourism industry to move beyond sustainability to a regenerative travel and tourism future.

We are passionate about driving change in the tourism sector because of the many positive benefits it will bring. We are most dedicated to keeping tourism money in local economies, protecting the culture of local communities and directly addressing climate change while preserving biodiversity.

Why we promote regenerative and sustainable tourism

Over the past 15 years, our founder and Director, Keeley Warren, has lived in four countries and travelled through more than 100 cities in 40 countries, giving her a first-hand insight into the challenges that overtourism presents. Many of these destinations are struggling with the effects of commercial tourism, and the negative environmental and cultural impacts created by the tourism industry.

Our entire business model has been designed to support the tourism industry on its pathway to a more sustainable and regenerative future, particularly as we emerge from a global pandemic. Consumer education, and our strengths in marketing and content creation are the vehicles we use to help the industry move towards this outcome.

Achieving SDGs

Through our business operations and the clients we support, Mankind Digital are working towards achieving the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly the six goals that most closely match our organisation’s vision. These are: 

  • SDG 4—Quality Education
  • SDG 6—Clean Water and Sanitation
  • SDG 7—Affordable and Renewable Energy
  • SDG 8—Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • SDG 11—Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • SDG 12—Responsible Consumption and Production 

Mankind Digital are members of Catalyst 2030, an organisation actively working towards achieving the United Nations SDGs by 2030.

Industry awards, recognition and participation

We appreciate the recognition we are receiving from our industry peers, including some prestigious sustainability awards. We are also committed to using the collective skills of our team to promote improvements and drive positive change within the industry.

Skål International Awards 2022

The annual Skål International Sustainable Tourism Awards are open to tourism-related organisations worldwide, including all public and private sector companies, educational institutions, NGOs, and government agencies.

For 21 years, these awards have recognised best practices in sustainable and responsible tourism around the world. All sustainable operations and activities must be implemented by the company, NGO or agency applying for the award.

At the award ceremony on 14 October 2022, we were thrilled to be announced as the winners of the 2022 Skål International Sustainable Tourism Award in the Educational Institutions/Programmes and Media category! We are honoured to receive international industry recognition for the work we do, also a welcome validation of our business model.

Our Sustainable Business Practices

We have mindfully chosen not to invest in private office spaces with unnecessary utilities in order to minimise our environmental impact. By maintaining a remote and online business, we have reduced our carbon footprint, promoted flexible working conditions, and supported work-life balance for our team of freelancers and contractors.

In our home office, we use eco-friendly products and recycle the majority of the waste produced by our day-to-day activities. In addition to opting for renewable energy resources for gas and electricity, we are also a paperless organisation that chooses, amongst other things, not to print business cards and presentation documentation to avoid unnecessary waste.

How we Educate and Inspire

We use our expertise in sustainable tourism content marketing to create marketing campaigns, media coverage and educational content that promotes sustainable travel for our clients, our partners, our affiliates, our own brand and our sister website and online travel content hub, Wanderlust with a Purpose

Our strategies include online marketing initiatives, guest blogging, and facilitating interviews with local tour operators and industry thought leaders who are passionate about promoting a more sustainable and regenerative approach to delivering tourism experiences. 

The content we develop is shared across various digital marketing platforms including websites, blogs and social media. We have developed our own large audience of consumers interested in learning more about responsible tourism. This audience accesses the content we create through Wanderlust with a Purpose and consists of 4,000+ followers on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Why work with us

Becoming a Mankind Digital partner or client gives you access to the many years of sector experience collectively held by our team across the industry, underpinned by our commitment to sustainability and regenerative tourism.

More specifically we provide: 

  • A broad range of proficiency and knowledge in copywriting and travel content creation, social media marketing, SEO, web development, online advertising and more.
  • Expert development of content strategy for the travel industry, and marketing across a broad range of channels.
  • A strong commitment to our goal of addressing the tourism challenges faced by local communities.
  • Demonstrating our purpose through support of local initiatives, irrespective of profit.

Join us and follow our journey

Join us and follow our journey as we move beyond sustainability so we can achieve a better future for all;
nature, people and place.

Get in touch with us on +61 (03) 9114 9749 to discuss how we can best work together.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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