Beyond Sustainability: The Mankind Digital Journey


How we promote responsible tourism, who we work with and our awards

Multi-award-winning tourism marketing

Mankind Digital aims to inspire millions of people to explore our incredible planet responsibly by promoting positive and lasting changes within the tourism industry. We are advocating a move beyond sustainability to a more regenerative approach for designing and delivering tourism and travel. 

We are passionate about initiating new ways of working collectively within the tourism sector because of the many positive benefits they bring. We are particularly focussed on education, community development through tourism initiatives, protecting and celebrating indigenous cultures and knowledge, keeping tourism money in local economies and preserving biodiversity.

Why we promote regenerative and sustainable tourism

Our founder and co-Director, Keeley Warren, has lived in five countries while travelling extensively, giving her a first-hand insight into the challenges that overtourism presents. Many of these destinations are struggling to deal with the effects of commercial tourism, and the negative environmental and cultural impacts created by traditional methods of tourism development and commercialisation. 

Our entire business model has therefore been designed to support the tourism sector on its pathway to a more sustainable and regenerative future in the post-pandemic environment. Tourism sector training and support, along with consumer education and our strengths in marketing and content creation are the vehicles we use to help the travel sector move towards this outcome.

Industry awards, recognition and participation

We appreciate the recognition we are receiving from our peers globally, including prestigious international sustainability awards. We partner with, support and are members of organisations who share our values and are also committed to driving change within the tourism sector.

Winning Skål International Awards 2022 and 2023

The annual Skål International Sustainable Tourism Awards are open to tourism-related organisations worldwide, including all public and private sector companies, educational institutions, NGOs, and government agencies.  

Since they commenced in 2002, these awards have recognised best practices in sustainable and responsible tourism around the world. All sustainable operations and activities must be implemented by the company, NGO or agency applying for the award.

At the award ceremony on 02 November 2023, we were thrilled to be announced as the winners of the 2023 Skål International Sustainable Tourism Award in the Educational Institutions/Programmes and Media category. We are honoured to have received international industry recognition for the second consecutive year, following our 2022 win in the same category. The back-to-back awards are also a welcome validation of our business model, affirming our commitment to creating and driving change within the tourism sector and our focus on consumer education through the promotion of sustainable, responsible and regenerative tourism globally.

Organisations we support

We form collaborative partnerships with, become members of, and financially support organisations with a common purpose. We also demonstrate our purpose through support of local initiatives, irrespective of profit. The support we offer and receive means we collectively achieve more than if we were all operating independently.

Our partnerships and memberships

The organisations we support include 1% for the Planet, Great Barrier Reef Foundation, Karrkad Kanjdji Trust, Seed, Carbon Positive Australia and the Bob Brown Foundation. We are members of Sustainable Travel International, Young Tourism Network, Victorian Tourism Industry Council, Skål International Melbourne and Catalyst 2030. We also have strong partnerships with The Tourism CoLab, Rooted Storytelling and Travel Writers Radio. 

Our partnerships with, and support of like-minded organisations are rewarding, as we work together to promote sustainable, responsible and regenerative tourism. Our collective vision and purpose is for a world where communities, cultures, local economies and biodiversity thrive and our joint efforts to drive change in the sector has a direct and positive impact.

Achieving SDGs

Through our business operations and the clients we support, Mankind Digital are working towards achieving the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our priority is Goal 4, which promotes quality education by ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education along with lifelong learning opportunities for all. We strongly believe in the power of education to drive positive change, and our tourism and consumer education services create a strong demand for sustainable and regenerative tourism experiences, products and services delivered in more responsible ways. 

Over the past 12 months, we have added new education products and services—customised training, courses and workshops in sustainable and regenerative tourism—to complement our existing digital marketing training solutions. Our resources, guides and tool-kits assist tourism businesses and destinations who have completed sustainability certification and accreditation to share their sustainability stories. 

Mankind Digital are also members of Catalyst 2030, an organisation actively working towards achieving the United Nations SDGs by 2030.

Our sustainable business practices

Mankind Digital’s back-of-house practices are intentionally designed to align with our sustainability values, ensuring that we significantly lessen our impact by reducing energy consumption, waste and unnecessary water use.
Our remote working model means primary business operations of our international team members are conducted from our home offices and co-working spaces. This allows us to significantly reduce our environmental impact by avoiding dedicated office spaces requiring high energy consumption and unnecessary fixtures and fittings. Collectively, we achieve a smaller carbon footprint without compromising our day-to-day activities and the quality of our work.

By conducting meetings and attending international conferences and events remotely, Mankind Digital doesn’t need to rely on unnecessary air travel to connect with team members, our clients and our peers. We choose to travel by train within Europe wherever possible and when air travel is necessary, we maximise time in the destination by scheduling multiple engagements over several days. When we do need to fly, we choose airlines that offer reduced carbon emissions and offset our flights wherever possible. 

When travelling locally, we prefer to cycle, walk and use public transport to attend events and meetings. By using these transport options, we minimise our carbon output and contribution to climate change.

We use eco-friendly products, recycle and responsibly dispose of waste where we can. We are also an intentionally paperless organisation to reduce wastage. 

Where possible, we selectively partner with suppliers that prioritise waste management, water and energy efficiency, and are verified as eco-conscious by external parties.

How we educate and inspire

We have a strong focus on promoting sustainability by educating both tourism sector professionals and travellers. Our training options and content marketing campaigns create a demand for the provision of responsible tourism initiatives, and inspire consumers to make more ethical travel choices.

Our education options give tourism professionals the skills to successfully communicate their achievements and offerings as they move towards a tourism future that nurtures people, nature and places. 

We also provide specialised training programs, workshops and courses that focus on the theory and practical implementation of sustainable and regenerative tourism models, including experiences, cultural activities, accommodation and environmental protection.

With an international team of industry experts and flexible training delivery options, we can work with your organisation from anywhere in the world. We customise the content of our training to design results-oriented education programs that address your specific issues and challenges, while informing and upskilling your staff.

We use our expertise in sustainable tourism content marketing to create marketing campaigns, media coverage and educational content that promotes sustainable travel and responsible choices for our clients, our partners, our affiliates and our own brand. 

Our strategies include online marketing initiatives, guest blogging, and facilitating interviews with local tour operators and industry thought leaders who are passionate about promoting a more sustainable and regenerative approach to delivering tourism experiences.

The content we develop is shared across various digital marketing platforms including websites, blogs and social media. Our thriving and ever-growing community of Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn followers is interested in learning more about regenerative, responsible and sustainable tourism and travel experiences, practices, initiatives and models, along with learning how to promote these effectively.

Why work with us

When you partner with Mankind Digital as your tourism marketing ally, your team will benefit from immediate access to our many years of experience in marketing, communications, training facilitation, sustainability and tourism. Collectively our team has more than 100 years of combined experience and whilst we are a results-driven marketing organisation for our clients, our ethos is underpinned by our commitment to promoting sustainability and regenerative tourism.

Our team can support you with:

  • Practical knowledge and skills development in your marketing and communication strategies and campaigns that will help you connect with and inspire visitors to choose your organisation.
  • High-quality, professional copywriting and travel content creation, written by native English speakers.
  • Expertise in social media marketing, SEO, website design and development, online advertising and branding.
  • Crafting and executing your content marketing strategy for tourism and travel.
  • Digital marketing strategies across a broad range of channels.
  • Effective and practical resources, tools and guidance to support you with your marketing campaigns and tactics.
  • Specialised training programs, workshops and courses tailored to help you address your organisation’s communication and marketing needs.

Be part of the journey beyond sustainability

Be part of a worldwide shift to move beyond sustainability. Help create a better future for all as our collective tourism and community development efforts move focus towards people, nature and place. As we work together to empower local communities in host destinations and inspire travellers to make ethical, responsible choices, we can all work together to change the patterns of the past and create a world where everyone thrives. 

Speak to our tourism marketing and training experts to learn how we can best work together. We look forward to hearing from you.