Our philanthropic pursuits and partnerships

Creating a tourism future that benefits people, communities and places

Mankind Digital supports local and international organisations who seek to ensure travel and tourism deliver positive benefits for people, places and nature. Many that we fund and partner with are also invested in sharing indigenous cultural knowledge and community development. 

We donate a percentage of our revenue to various organisations and charities, as well as supporting tourism associations and individuals committed to developing a better future by implementing sustainable and regenerative tourism practices.

Our team of tourism marketers and training experts choose to work with clients and suppliers who share our vision, values and dedication to keeping tourism money within local economies, protecting the culture of local communities and directly addressing climate change while preserving biodiversity.

Our Philanthropic Efforts

We fund projects that help to protect the environment, contribute to the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and regenerate degraded land. We also support innovations that aim to protect Australia’s unique biosphere and ecosystems.

Some of the organisations and charities that we assist include: 

By donating 1% of our annual business revenue to 1% For The Planet, we directly support organisations working to protect the environment and those that celebrate Indigenous culture. Through our membership, we seek out funding partnerships to ensure our financial support goes to reputable local causes.

We support the Great Barrier Reef Foundation. Our funding helps protect and regenerate the reef through projects that take environmental action and are creating new, improved technologies to better protect it.

The Karrkad Kanjdji Trust works to protect some of Australia’s most valued territories and Indigenous communities by assisting Indigenous Ranger groups to deliver projects and initiatives such as environmental conservation, education and employment for Indigenous people.

We support Seed, Australia’s first Indigenous youth climate network. This group is fighting for climate justice and are creating a sustainable future with strong cultures and communities. Seed also promotes young Indigenous voices in the media by developing and disseminating impactful content.

Our contribution to Carbon Positive Australia’s tree-planting projects assists in sequestering carbon across Australia. Other projects include aiming to restore more than 480 hectares of degraded land by improving soil health and restoring water cycles.

We allocate funding that assists the Bob Brown Foundation’s campaigners and activists to protect scenic land environments, wildlife and marine ecosystems in Australia and Antarctica. Current projects include preserving the Tarkine/Takayna in Tasmania, and putting an end to krill fishing and toxic salmon farms.

Our Partnerships and Alliances

Mankind Digital forms strategic partnerships and collaborates with industry professionals, associations and training partners. Our information and educational content reaches a wide audience of tourism professionals and consumers, increasing demand for more sustainable and regenerative approaches to tourism. Some of our alliances include:

We support The Tourism CoLab’s work at the forefront of regenerative tourism development. They work with like-minded organisations to codesign tourism experiences with local communities. These preserve and create ongoing improvements for local culture and natural attractions, while contributing to the local economy. Through The Tourism CoLab, Mankind Digital’s Founder and Director, Keeley Warren, facilitates training for tourism professionals and academics to broaden their knowledge of regenerative tourism and the practicalities of redesigning tourism with a regenerative mindset.

We are allied with Rooted Storytelling, a platform that supports responsible and sustainable travel communications by upskilling travel and tourism content creators through intentional communications. Their educational content and training supports destination marketing organisations, travel businesses and PR teams.

Mankind Digital’s founder and Director facilitates a monthly segment on Travel Writers Radio focussing on sustainable and responsible tourism. Here, Keeley interviews industry thought-leaders to share educational content and practical examples of responsible tourism to help travellers and tourism professionals understand its benefits and positive impacts, along with learning practical ways to travel more responsibly.


Our membership fees for organisations such as Skål Melbourne, the Victoria Tourism Industry Council (VTIC) and the Young Tourism Network help fund training and events, along with important industry development projects. We also contribute our knowledge and expertise at the events and workshops they host.
Mankind Digital is a guardian member of Sustainable Travel International, and our Founder and Director, Keeley Warren is also an ambassador. We promote their travel tools and our business membership supports diversified programs that offset and sequester carbon.
We are members of Young Tourism Network (YTN), a not-for-profit tourism group that supports young people and student career development in the travel and hospitality sectors. We connect with and inspire the younger generation of up-and-coming tourism professionals through promotion of YTN and attendance at YTN-hosted events by sharing our knowledge and promoting sustainable tourism.
Mankind Digital is an active member of VTIC, which advocates to the government on behalf of its Victorian tourism and events industry member organisations. Our membership supports VTIC’s industry development programs, events, conferences and training opportunities.

Our founder and Director, Keeley Warren, is an active member of the Melbourne chapter of Skål International, a worldwide network active in over 76 countries. Skål connects and empowers travel and tourism professionals to unite and strengthen the tourism sector. We regularly attend and share our expertise at Skål’s Melbourne events and were recently awarded at the 2022 Skål International Sustainable Tourism Awards in the Educational Institutions, Programmes and Media category.

We are also members of Catalyst 2030, an organisation dedicated to achieving the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. As members of the Regenerative Tourism sub-group, we share knowledge and our experiences while connecting with a network of industry professionals worldwide.

Working together to create a more positive future for people, place and planet

The Mankind Digital team is passionate about driving positive change in the tourism sector worldwide.

By funding, partnering with and forming alliances with individuals and organisations that prioritise sustainable, regenerative and responsible tourism, our impact has a far greater reach than if we operated alone.

If your organisation is committed to developing responsible tourism products, services, experiences and places, talk to us about how we can best work together.

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